how to improve gaming?

  morgueman 23:51 18 Jun 2008

Hello all, recently i upgraded my processor, motherboard, graphics card and memory, cheaper to have bought a new pc! Anyway, since then, my on-line gaming has really improved, games like COD4, Crysis, Counter Strike, Doom, Unreal Tornament, and some others, in most of them i now have a more even rate of kills/deaths ratio, before, my death rate to kills ratio was to embarrassing to talk about, even my oldest son was better than mine!
So is there any other way to improve the gaming experience? I have something like 54mbs wired router for the internet, would getting a 100mbs router improve gaming? Anything else?
Have a 8800GT Graphics card, AMD Phenom X3 triple core processor, windows xp.

  flyingbrit 02:38 19 Jun 2008

Practice, practice and more

My son does a lot of online gameing (I'm too old and slow now!) he always tries to pit himself against better players than himself...he says it gives him more of a challenge.
By the way, getting a 100mbs router would only improve your connection if you are getting higher than 54mbs from your internet provider.

  AllThumbs 13:13 19 Jun 2008

Everlasting Youth...?

Your son's almost certainly going to have faster reactions than you. You also probably come to the games table more tired than him to begin with. Worry less about beating him at fast reactions stuff and maybe bring tactics to the fore ;) to show him a thing or two.

As an aside, I play in a clan and I'm 40+. Some of my clan mates are nearing retirement and, lest anyone assume that us old duffers must be playing something slow, sedate and tactical.....we're a cod4 clan that's been playing cod since its cod1 incarnation.

My roundabout point is play to enjoy and apply your strengths to the game rather than trying to match theirs.

On a practical aside - remember to turn off background tasks that you don't need running when you're gaming.

You might also like to try something like a Nostromo

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  morgueman 15:06 19 Jun 2008

Blimey, that looks like some serious stuff! Think i'll just stick to the keyboard and mouse! I've seen a clan on COD4, Grumpy Old men, looks good and suits me fine, at least thats what my kids say! Althoguh i've never been really one for joining clans!

  bstb3 15:43 19 Jun 2008

Tactics are generally greater than reactions I find, especially in COD4. As said above, play to your strengths rather than trying to change your strengths to suit others. Much easier to sneak up behind someone and shoot them in the back than try to beat them to the draw head on :)

I played (but wasnt a member of) with a clan called the Oldtimers (tag was |OT|) when I had so much more time to play than I do these days. They ran their own server, as far as I know they still do, and played in a much more tactical vein than the majority of run and gun servers that exist. They were and Im sure still are a good bunch too it seemed. Their server used the AWE mod so you would have to search for it with the filter not blocking Modded servers. Worth rooting out though :)

And my 12 year old son is faster than me too :( so when we play together I make him go round the corners first...

  citadel 18:32 19 Jun 2008

there is a bigfoot killer card that speeds up connection. click here

  mrwoowoo 18:43 19 Jun 2008

If you're playing Bioshock,resi evil 4 or Alone in the dark or the like, then..
Play at night
turn the lights off
turn your speakers up loud
Get someone to sneak up and tap you on the shoulder at some point.
Will this improve your gaming experience?
Depends on your state of mind.

  morgueman 00:08 20 Jun 2008

Ha nice one mrwoowoo, might just give me a heart attack doing that or pooh my pants! I have found that using headphones is pretty good, get a much better feeling of being right in amongst the action!
My son has joined a few clans, but theres normally only two or three other people online at the same time, i prefer a few more players than that!

  mrwoowoo 01:15 21 Jun 2008

A FPS gamer vest/flac jacket.
If trying to avoid the pain of being shot doesn't improve your FPS gaming,nothing will.
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  DrScott 10:29 21 Jun 2008

What mouse do you have? You might find a mouse more suited to gaming might help - my logitech G5 certainly improved my frag count.

  AllThumbs 12:52 21 Jun 2008

Actually a good mouse is a really handy (sic) thing. The addition of side buttons can remove keys from your left hand and make for quicker application. A mate of mine is a devil for melee combat in cod4 as he's stuck melee on his mouse and created a character built around speed.

Another reason for adopting a Nostromo is to avoid wrist pains. I was suffering quite a bit of wrist pain when using mouse and keyboard, even after putting a wrist cushion in place. The Nostromo sorted it for me completely. I've got small hands so I actually can't reach all the keys but you can configure it to tie any key on the controller to any key, or combination of keys on the keyboard.

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