how to download a games

  wala lang 11:25 25 Feb 2009

hai guys how to download a games that no need a registrition code
as well as no need of internet connection
and if registrition code ask,, and the code is right their to find

  wolfie3000 21:42 25 Feb 2009

I think i understand,

There are many free games that you can download and play but 99% of them do require you to register to the site first.

As for games that do not require an internet connection to play, well there are a few but not many.

All depends on what genre of game you are looking for.

  Covergirl 08:51 01 Mar 2009

Once you've downloaded it, you can keep it 'live' on a tab, and as long as you just put the PC into sleep mode, you can play it for months. No registration required either.

I did this last year when I went on hols with the laptop and no internet connection.

As well as Joker Poker, there are loads of other games - all Shockwave I think - but some may require a connection at times click here

Is this what you mean wala lang ?

  wala lang 13:46 01 Mar 2009

i mean a games like need for speed, but nice graphics but some games need internet to play online or duel by some people you mean right but i need it because my computer in the house is for playing only and i can game more money on it,, so i need some games, is not required internet connection,,, remember the computer in the Phil.??
theirs a lot of computer that for playing and they put it in the street and for 1 or 3 min. is for one peso i think so that's my problem a games a lot of them,, understand

hmmm by the way sorry for my English a,, because i am Filipino and a bisaya person sorry and thanks

im lemuel my true name

hmm in this fomus most of you are wat

professional or a student

it because im a student yet hahah

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:36 02 Mar 2009

"hmmm by the way sorry for my English a,, because i am Filipino and a bisaya person sorry and thanks"

Don't be sorry, it is those without the sense to understand not everyone on this forum has English as their first language, who need to be sorry.

  Covergirl 12:21 03 Mar 2009

. . . and tried different interpretations, I think what wala lang wants are some fairly modern games with "nice graphics" which don't require internet registration.

Or maybe he/she just wants some games that don't require an activation code . . . ?

And they are required because there are games in the street which cost 1 peso per minute.

Or perhaps WL wants to charge people 1 peso per minute.

So, any suggestions as to which games and how we can get a shedload of them donated and shipped to Borneo ?

  wala lang 02:10 04 Mar 2009

thanks a lot covergirl

yeah right

  mrwoowoo 02:25 11 Mar 2009

I think almost all games need an internet connection to register or activate them.The reason is to help combat piracy.
If you look on the back cover of a game in a shop it will say internet activation or connection required.If it doesn't say this,then you should be ok.

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