HELP! My Pc freezes when i play any game

  Thunderfist 18:51 28 Feb 2017

First off this is 2 years old i built it with my sister's boyfriend and it has worked really great in the past i recently upgraded the graphics card to an Asus 960 Strix 4gb and it has worked perfectly ,but i went on a 20 day trip and when i return first i cleaned the dust because i knew it would collect some then i boot it up and try to play fallout 4 and then it continuosly freezes in-game i have been experimenting with other games i played regularly without any problem and it's the same thing assassins creed 3, emulators, zenoclash etc. sometimes it only cuts the sound and animations but the games are still running only to load everything at once making it a real mess, i already mentioned my graphic card, i also have a ram of 12 gb, a cooler master elite 550 power unit and an intel core i5 thanks for reading! i really hope someone can help me, thanks in advance!

  Devil Fish 22:53 19 Mar 2017

how did you dust out the machine ? as it sounds like either overheating or power supply on way out

1st port of call for me would be pop down to maplins or pc world grab a can of air duster and give the heat sinks on Processor an graphics cards a good blow out.If that doesn't work my next port of call would be power supply.I dont know your rig as i cant see it but your graphics card under load will draw around 430watts I5 is going to draw between 70-95 watts depending on model then you have ram and fans all drawing power so would suggest a psu upgrade if a good clean out doesn't work .

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