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  Hamtheman 11:12 12 Mar 2015

Hi all

Just thought I’d pop on here and ask for a quick bit of advice from those far more knowledgeable than I.

I would like to buy a new gaming PC, with all the bells and whistles (or as many as I can afford).

My current machine is a Dell XPS, and that has lasted me for 7-8 years (with a few replacement parts and RAM upgrades along the way). I would like something that is going to be similarly as future proof.

At the time I went with Dell simply because I had a bad experience buying off a specialist PC manufacturer and have had nothing but good experiences with Dell’s in-warranty and after-warranty care.

I generally tend to play single-player RPGs and FPSs though that is not by any means all that I play. Recent graphically intensive games of preference - in case it makes a difference – have been Bioshock Infinite, a (heavily modded) Skyrim, and the Mass Effect series. Desperately want to play DA: Inquisition, but waiting for the new rig to do so!

Budget is around £1,200, but for that I would like to get a new monitor, keyboard and mouse as well.

Preferably, I would like the machine to be slim-form or at least a sensible size and not a monster – the XPS is bigger than my 2 year old son! The ability to tinker around inside would also be good, but my knowledge only really extends to upgrading the hard drive, and swapping out RAM etc, so I wouldn’t be looking to do anything too tricky.

I am tempted by the Chillblast Fusion Probe (click here It seems to tick all of the above boxes, but I have only been able to find one review (on PC Advisor - a year old, which suggests to me it may not be top range now) and I’m not really an expert. I would be really grateful for any views on this machine, or any other recommendations.

Huge thanks in advance for any advice.


  Forum Editor 09:02 13 Mar 2015

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  Boltonsquad 12:52 14 Mar 2015

Hello there,

This system would match your budget, the only issue with it would be that the case would be relatively big with this, however the system itself for the price is a monster and comes complete with keyboard, mouse, monitor & headset, this would also be an option if you prefer Nvidia cards and would still leave room for later improvement.

click here system is slightly cheaper however runs Radeon as apposed to Nvidia on the other system, it's really down to personal preferece as to whether you prefer Nvidia or Radeon however both systems are very good with the top one been slightly better.



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