GTA4 PC/Console.?

  perpetual motion 15:53 30 Jan 2009

Hi all, ive got a new pc due tomorrow & its a very high end Gaming pc (2.93 ghz per core Quad) i wanted to know what the game is like on PC compaired to a console like PS3.?
Does any one know cause ive just bought the game too..??

  Bob The Blob 16:00 30 Jan 2009

PC is the better version if you have a good enough PC to run it properly. Your quad should cope if it has a good enough graphics card to complement it.
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  perpetual motion 16:11 30 Jan 2009

"Bob the blob"
Thankx for the imput!!
Here's my spec so i take it i'l be ok...?

Dell XPS 720 Intel Core 2 Extreme H2C, Here's the spec:

CPU Type Core 2 Extreme
CPU Speed 2.93ghz (Standard can be OC to 3.46 or 3.6) - Q6800
Memory Type Hynix PC2-6400 1gb - 3 modules
Memory Speed 800mhz
Hard Drive Type ( 1 ) Seagate - SATA
Hard Drive GB ( 1 ) 750GB - 7200RPM
Hard Drive Type ( 2 ) Seagate - SATA
Hard Drive GB ( 2 ) 750GB - 7200RPM
Optical Drive ( 1 ) DVD-RW
Optical Drive ( 2 ) DVD-ROM
Graphics Card(s) Geforce 8800 GTX 768mb
Graphics Card(s) Geforce 8800 GTX 768mb
Operating System Windows XP Professional
Additional Comments Memory Card Reader
Sound Blaster X-FI
Physx Graphics Accelerator
H2C Ceramic Cooling System (Liquid Cooling

  mrwoowoo 19:43 30 Jan 2009

Even on high end gaming pc's some people are having a lot of very slow frame rate issues and even freezing.
Obviously needs a patch for it.
If it runs ok the graphics should be a slight improvement over the PS3 version.

  Devil Fish 21:02 30 Jan 2009

have run this game on a
core 2 duo 2.4ghz (clocked to 2.8ghz)
2gig ddr2 800 ram
win xp
with a single 8800gtx card

experienced no issues what so ever

i will however warn you in advance that the set up is a pain on pc with windows live and the rockstar social club to install and create accounts if you dont have one you also need to be logged into windows live to save games

I can not compare it to aconsole as i dont posses one but do know their graphics are at least 1 gen behind pc graphics

your set up should eat it up no probs

  perpetual motion 22:07 30 Jan 2009

"Devil Fish" Cheers m8!!! il let you all know whats its like...i'm thinking about OverClockin it too a 3.4+ "OR" where its highest the GTA series there just SOOO damn good...

  Devil Fish 22:27 30 Jan 2009

overclock 2.93 to 3.4 should easily achievable however dont rush it push it up by say 10mzh a time reboot run it then repeat process the reason i say this is if you push to hard to quick you are in danger of damaging the chip and or your ram modules i wouldnt want to see that happen

NB Keep an eye on your core heat and system heat should you wish to push on further this could become a factor

ive only added another 400mzh because that all i need

overclocking is a marathon not a sprint but let me know how you get on

good luck


  perpetual motion 22:51 30 Jan 2009

Devil Fish Thankx my freind..i will let u know how i get on.....

  Si_L 11:48 31 Jan 2009

I have it for the PC. There are massive framerate issues on it for me, I'm talking less than a frame per second. Plus, before you install it, you have to install and register a bundle of other things first which I wasn't too impressed with. My spec isn't really high end but meets the min spec easily, and thats why I would suggest you get it for console.

  perpetual motion 18:25 02 Feb 2009

Si_L" what A MESSING ABOUT ISNT IT..?? i cant belive how much ive had to mess about for the likes of Microsoft... thats terrible its took me over a hour to get the game to play, im still at logger heads as i cant seem to find the updated drivers for my Geforce 8800 GTX's..?? ive downloaded what i thought was them but it isnt..?
any idea please..?

  gartoy 22:28 02 Feb 2009

Bought it off Steam for £18 & its given me just the nudge I needed to finally get round to buying a new graphics card.

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