belfman 18:24 11 Jun 2008

Is it just me or is the handling all wrong?
and the graphics look like one of those lego games! I thought CodeMasters would have produced a great game (they've been making games since Commodore 64 days) but it was more hype than substance.

Tried both PC demo and 360 full game, traded it in for a £25.00 voucher.

I'll stick to PGR3, didn't like PGR4 either!

  mrwoowoo 19:10 11 Jun 2008

Tried the pc demo and the graphics are about the best iv'e ever seen in a racing game.
Wonder why the difference between us regarding gpaphics? Had the resolution at 1440x900 and all on max.
Agree with the handling.One slight feather touch/tap and it's off into the wall.
Tried all the settings for sensitivity and it either doesn't respond or is way too sensitive.
Maybe it's just the demo as it's not the finished article.
Hopefully someone with the game can enlighten us.

  belfman 21:13 11 Jun 2008

The graphics didn't feel right. They look 3D with super detail on the car but no realism - the people looked like lego men as well.

Car was very over sensitive on both the 360 and PC.

  Esc4p3 12:19 12 Jun 2008

But if a car is really tricky to drive, isn't that just part of the leaning experience? ;-)
(seriously though, I do know what you mean, but I thought it was just my c**p driving skills)

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:40 28 Jun 2008

Just installed the demo. Updated my steering wheel software to make it work and went through all the settings, including turning up the quality settings to max, running at 1680x1050.

Why did I bother I found myself thinking before uninstalling it again. Car handling is slow, then it suddenly lets go. Steering feedback? Well it feels like driving a car with a rubber steering column! Sound is very poor, like a motorway services racing simulator from ten years ago. Graphics are dismall and thats being charitable. It is now uninstalled, never to return.

BTW, my benchmark is GTR2, vastly superior in every respect.

  Armchair 11:38 29 Jun 2008

I tried the demo. (360), and I quite liked the racing bits, but hated the 'drift' sequence with a passion. The demo. was dated last year, though, so maybe the game proper is better? Or not. Won't be buying it, anyway.

Agree that PGR3 is really good, and it's only a fiver.

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