Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City 360

  Hercule Marple 16:23 10 Dec 2009

Had some credit left at a local games shop, and I bought this game. The last GTA game I bought was Vice City, and I still have GTA3 installed on my PC.

This new one seems a bit sluggish compared with 3. I'm also finding the controls a bit rubbish when I'm on foot, especially during combat. The driving is great, and I like the cars handle and all that. Can't say I'm enjoying the missions on either episode so far, though. The Lost and the Damned is plain dull. The Ballad of Gay Tony is more fun, but even so......

Am tempted to just trade it in at HMV for credit, and grab a few DVDs. Maybe I'm getting too old for this malarky, lol.

  mr simon 01:59 12 Dec 2009

Have you not tried San Andreas or IV?

  Hercule Marple 10:06 12 Dec 2009

Thanks for the response!

No, I haven't played either of those. I didn't really get into Vice City much, and I thought that would be the end of the series for me.

I've been messing around with TBoGT a bit. Just joyriding and getting chased by the cops. It is entertaining in that respect. I think it looks good, too, depending on what time of day it is game-wise. Might as well hang on to it for another week, then trade it in. Then I might trade in the console itself for cash. Never really made much use of it.

  Hercule Marple 18:31 14 Dec 2009

Yeah, I'm going to hang on to it. It's a good laugh just to mess around with. I still keep getting lost, though. I usually know where I'm at in GTA3, but not in this one.

  mr simon 20:04 14 Dec 2009

You will learn your way around soon enough. A great feature of IV was being able to let the sat-nav direct you, so it wasn't necessary to learn the map.

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