Giving a game account away.

  wolfie3000 06:42 04 Jun 2009

I have a game account to give away for free,
the game is Perfect World on the private KO2 server, the reason im giving this account away is it is no longer needed.

I have spent 100s of hours working on the character and would feel a forum member would benefit from it.

The account only has 1 character a werebeast named Fargus,
He is a level 90 character with the best armour, weapons and other stuff a level 90 character can have.

There are 7 more slots for more characters as well on the account.
Here are the details of the character.

Name - Fargus
Level - 90
Breed - Werebeast
Main skill - Tanker
Mounts - 2 flying (White eagle, 2headed dragon)2 land based (Armoured panther, Veloceraptor)

click here

Clothes - Blue mage outfit, beach party outfit, Kung-fu outfit, camo outfit (Not pictured)

click here

Weapons/armour - level 90 armour with Grade 7 soulstones and refined to grade 1, dual axes level 90 with grade 8 soulstone and refined to level1, Hammer with grade 7 soulstones refined to level 1.

click here

Gold - 6.3million
Cubigold - 9million

HP - 11808
MP - 1563
Physical Attack - 5804

click here

Iv talked to FE and hes happy for me to give this account for free on here,

Just Yellow envelope me if you are interested, i would like to see this go to a person who will actually use it, rather than someone who just wants to try out the game as alot of work went into the character.

The character doesnt belong to a guild and is not linked to any friends so your not jumping into it both feet first.

The next quest on the character is DEMIGOD and can be gotten at the elder of thousand stream city.
The character is currently located at Ethersword main entrance.
The game itself is free to play and requires no money for any items in game, you can also buy more clothes, mounts, weapons, armour and anything else you will need later on.

The character itself is one of the strongest iv made and can defeat another player 10 levels higher with ease, he has access to all the places on the map including all the dungeons and can solo most of them.

The game can be downloaded here,

click here

Also im usually in game around 7PM to 3AM most nights and can help with anything you need, i will include details on how to contact me in game with the account details.
Also if you want you can join my guild in game and help us out in dungeons.

My guilds a friendly bunch who are all english speaking and most are from england, always up for a laugh and are regularly in game.

This account comes as is and it will be first come first served.
Please remember if you just want to try the game then create a new account so someone who is more interested can have this account.

Once you have contacted me i will reply within 24 hours and all respondents will get a reply.

  wolfie3000 07:17 04 Jun 2009

Heres a video of what the games like,

click here

  wolfie3000 10:19 11 Jun 2009

I see theres no takers as yet for this account, il leave it up for a few more weeks then tick it as closed.

  kalignorgna 11:48 11 Jun 2009

just wached the video looks good fun love RPG's anyway not sure about the relationship part of the trailer but the gameplay looks good if a bit like guild wars i like the swords and the flight styles (gessing thats only for high lvl though) i'll give the game a try tonight and if i like it i would like the account if u haven't already given it away

  kalignorgna 18:56 12 Jun 2009

all the links to the downloads of the clent leed to over websites but i am reluctent to download from them as i don't know if they are save to use out of the links wich would you recomend i use to download the sefver client.

  kalignorgna 18:57 12 Jun 2009

"server client"

  wolfie3000 05:46 13 Jun 2009

All the links to the game client are reputable websites, I would recommend using filefront, there usually the fastest for downloads and i belong to there site as well.

You have to remember that this is a private server for the game, so when you start you are fully equipped with all the fighting "Styles" also everything on the private server is free.

Its one of the best games iv ever played, i used to hate all types of MMORPG games but this game single handedly changed my mind.

As for the relationship part of the game, well you can choose not to use that.

  wolfie3000 17:14 13 Jun 2009

Ok the account went to a good home, so see you in game to the guy who had it. :)

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