babybell 16:07 18 Jun 2008

Read the previews for the 360 version in the latest Xbox mag, seems to have really good reviews and getting the original actors to do the voices of the characters and having one of them right the script was a good move.

This for me though could be one of those games that i spend a fortune on and end up dissapointed.

Anyone else planning on buying it?

  mrwoowoo 21:28 18 Jun 2008

Had a look on youtube and found some gameplay videos.Looks as if it could be quite good fun although i'm not sure how much variety is involved.
Might be a case of waiting until nearer release day for more info.I tried googling for a proper review and couldn't find too much.
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  theDarkness 01:39 26 Jun 2008

I guess it depends who is developing the game in the end, that may give an idea of the possible level of quality..? To be honest, why care, we want ghostbusters 3 the movie, with the original cast! I guess we may have to make do with an animated movie instead of the original ben stiller idea, with everyone on board minus bill murray. Possibly a good thing that that may never happen now! A full blown cartoon might work, although i probably wouldve preferred a manga variant! Even if they do use the original movie cast voices :) click here

  wolfie3000 06:28 26 Jun 2008

Might be possible to rent the game for a night, so you don't waste to much cash on it.

I reckon the game will be pretty awefull, most movie based games are.

  mad1234 08:20 26 Jun 2008

the original game for the commodore 64 was pretty naff. it was just catch a ghost then catch another then another etc & they were all slimer until the key master & the gate keeper randomly decided to go to the center of town then you had to kill the boss which was sooooo easy. it would be nice to think they could come up with a better version but unless it gets extremely good reviews then i won't be buying it.

  theDarkness 03:36 27 Jun 2008

I thought for the hardware, the c64 and speccy versions were pretty good-theyll have to come up with something pretty special to beat them. Lol. Modern games tend not to have as much variety or take as many chances as they did in the 8 bit era, so itll prob just end up as being yet another bog standard shooter.. albeit with a special 'activate trap' button! Actually, that could probably work on the wii, pressing the button, then having to move in a certain way to make sure the ghost falls into it. Lol, sounds like hard work B-)

  Coltch 09:17 27 Jun 2008

I remember getting the C64 version, have been playing a retro remake of Ghostbusters recently.

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