getting a psp online

  vectradam 20:36 14 Feb 2010

we have a home network that runs a ps3 a wii and a laptop fine.however, when trying to connect a psp the security settings in the psp do not allow WPA 2 PSK(AES) which the router (netgear) is using. please be gentle as were a bit green on this but what am i doing wrong


  Awshum 22:50 14 Feb 2010

I use WPA2 and our PSP connects fine. You may need to do an update to latest firmware on the PSP, make sure it's plugged into the mains or has a full battery. Install update using click here

  vectradam 16:58 15 Feb 2010

weve now upgraded to version 6.2 on the psp but still dont get an option to use WPA 2 PSK(AES). the best option we get on the psp is WPA PSK (TKIP)

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