Getting ps3 ONLINE

  jacobjohn7 16:23 30 Jan 2009

Hi all,

Have a problem I want to get my PS3 online, I have tried it before going through the procedure on the ps3 and get to the stage where it requires so kind of code of my computer? Where will I find this, or if anyone has a good easy way of doing this then that would be great. Any help appreciated. PS: i have a wireless router on my comp downstairs, and the PS3 up in a bedroom.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:57 30 Jan 2009

is the WEP or WPA security code for your router (gateway?)

  jacobjohn7 21:46 30 Jan 2009

how do I find the WEP or WPA, the who set my router up cant recall what he put in, would I be able to source it somewhere else, or reset it, or indeed would my IP be able to tell me. Ta

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:55 01 Feb 2009

it has a default code - I believe some gateways/routers have this printed on the base of the device. It's possible to reset the router which means you can set up your own code but means you will need to change the settings on your pc as well to reconnect. You should have this setup info with the gateway instructions.

  jacobjohn7 16:57 01 Feb 2009

HI yes, i see it has a default user name and password, i will try this.
Strange you cant access the settings somewhere on comp/online and get the existing one though?


  jacobjohn7 17:02 01 Feb 2009

username: admin
password: password
and click here

which is the relevant one the address code?
Many thanks

  dagnammit 08:44 03 Feb 2009

The bottom one is to access the router.

Put into your webbrowser on the PC that's connected to the router.

You'll get a pop up where you can then enter admin as a user name and password as the password.

Once you are in your router set up look for wireless settings, click that and you should then see security settings.

Once found set a new key and take note of your network name.

  dagnammit 08:49 03 Feb 2009

Then go back to your PS3, scan so it finds your network. (Under Network in xmb)

Press right on the dpad and this is where you eneter the key you just set on the router. Keep pressing right using the default/auto options and the PS3 will then get to the point to test the connection.

All be well. Then head over to the PSN (opposite side of the xmb) where you can then set up your online account.

  jacobjohn7 10:33 19 Feb 2009

well, the sage continues... is there anywhere you can reset the WEP code/find it online?
I want to get the new bits/downloads for littlebig planet for the kids...and me, so desperate to get it online.
Its sees my wireless connection but just do not have the code! frustrating. Any help appreciated.

  jacobjohn7 10:45 19 Feb 2009

Hi Dagnammit.
Just followed your first instructions via explorer (as it didnt work on aol) and have the code. so first stage done.. so will try now on PS3. hope it works. !

  jacobjohn7 11:52 23 Feb 2009

Sorted and online. Thanks for all help.

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