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  cyrox 20:04 26 Sep 2011

Hi Guy's looking for a fps game while waiting for BF3 & COD MW3 any one got any thoughts plse is Deus Ex worth a look? Thanks Cyrox

  gengiscant 08:31 27 Sep 2011

Deus Ex: Is definitely worth a look, which is a strange thing for me to say as I have stopped playing it, I got bored. I prefer my shooters a bit more full on whereas this is more stealth. I will finish it though and I would recommend it.

Fear 3: If you can get it cheap its worth a play, quite hard in parts, but nothing really to make the game stand out.

Duke Nukem: After so many years in the making a real disappointment, but in fairness a competent time waster.

Dead space 2: The one game recently that I have thoroughly enjoyed, without a doubt get it.

Crysis 2: Nothing to get that excited about, beautiful graphically but not to exciting game-play, still worth a go.

Hard Reset: Cheap and not particularly good,OK for dipping in and out of but does not lend itself to a lengthy gaming session.

Those should keep you going.

  cyrox 10:41 27 Sep 2011

Thanks for that, agree with what you say about stealth,I got bored with TC's splinter cell very quickly, nothing like emtying a full AK 47(LOL). I did like Crysis have done all three gve me "Psyco" any day!

Nearly tempted to go back to some of the COD's I am looking to upgrade graphics card but that is for another thread,never heard of dead space 2, will have a look + duke nukem cheers cyrox

  mobing 09:52 28 Sep 2011

good recomendation !Deus Ex: and Fear 3 are ok !

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