Gaming tips,

  wolfie3000 05:14 13 Jun 2008

Just wondered if any of you guys had any tips for playing games?

I dont mean for individual games but general tips that help you play.

Many gamers find that the W,A,S,D keys get used more than the others and this results in the letters fading off, one tip is to cut small squares of cellotape and place them over the keys to stop them wearing off.

When playing FPS games and your camped down somewhere and are about to attack another player/team/enemy then always make sure you weapons are fully reloaded and that you have chosen the best weapon for that enemy,

Theres nothing worse than reloading in the middle of a fire fight.

If your playing an online FPS game then get to know the map well before taking on an enemy, as you will always need to find a safe place to reload or find ammo,
Practice on the map beforehand and remember if you can see them then they can see you.

When playing a CTF game always send 2 people in for the flag as more often than not one of them will get taken out.

Your HUD is there for a reason dont switch it off or ignore it.

  GaT7 01:38 15 Jun 2008

Anyone used a Wolf King circular gaming keyboard click here? They regularly sell for half that price on Scan/Todayonly btw. A review click here. G

  acceptmyname 17:33 28 Jun 2008

Hey wolfie do you still play the origianl Halo on Pc now dude I am a avid Sniper no Shields fan and a founder member of the {A§§} Clan

  wolfie3000 21:50 28 Jun 2008

Yes i still play Halo, when i get the time.

  acceptmyname 04:12 29 Jun 2008

what is your ingame name if you don't mind me askin

  wolfie3000 07:04 29 Jun 2008

My in game name is Wolfie.

  crosstrainer 08:44 29 Jun 2008

Now that I simply could not cope with! Maybe that's why I stick to first person shooters...The controls are pretty much standard.

Wolfie posted a game pad device a while back, and I went to have a look at one....I'd be looking at the buttons all the time, and would be killed / crash as I was doing so.

I shall stick to my good old keyboard and mouse!

I remember when mice were a luxury and we only had keyboards!

  wolfie3000 08:50 29 Jun 2008

You mean this crosstrainer.

click here

It can get a bit of getting used to but with time it becomes instinctive to use.

  kalignorgna 15:46 03 Jul 2008

w,a,s,d for movment E for eqip/pickup Ctrl/c for crouch space for jump reload is R light is L. dont much matter about the rest as dont use em much

as for staragy billd lots of units and lots of defence then when the time comes wipe them out.

RPG tend to be the same no matter who plays them

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