Gaming tips,

  wolfie3000 05:14 13 Jun 2008

Just wondered if any of you guys had any tips for playing games?

I dont mean for individual games but general tips that help you play.

Many gamers find that the W,A,S,D keys get used more than the others and this results in the letters fading off, one tip is to cut small squares of cellotape and place them over the keys to stop them wearing off.

When playing FPS games and your camped down somewhere and are about to attack another player/team/enemy then always make sure you weapons are fully reloaded and that you have chosen the best weapon for that enemy,

Theres nothing worse than reloading in the middle of a fire fight.

If your playing an online FPS game then get to know the map well before taking on an enemy, as you will always need to find a safe place to reload or find ammo,
Practice on the map beforehand and remember if you can see them then they can see you.

When playing a CTF game always send 2 people in for the flag as more often than not one of them will get taken out.

Your HUD is there for a reason dont switch it off or ignore it.

  crosstrainer 06:13 13 Jun 2008

Funnily enough, I always change the wasd config to the arrow key's.

Must remember the cellotape tip , as cheaper keyboards do tend to lose characters after a while.

This ols Microsoft one has been through loads of gaming, and has not faded a bit though!

  Earthsea 12:27 13 Jun 2008

My keys never fade either, but it's a Vaio so you'd expect that.

My tip is if you use a touchpad then give it a wipe with a cloth and wash your hands about once an hour. This prevents it from getting sticky and unresponsive, and feels a lot nicer using it. Worth wiping the keys too.

  Marko797 13:24 13 Jun 2008

I go with CT, and never use WASD.

One tip: don't drink (alcohol) and play - u get 'murdered'

  wolfie3000 14:58 13 Jun 2008

Reminds me of one night i was playing Halo with a few friends and one guy was so drunk he threw up over himself,

We heard him throw up over teamspeak and we had to abandon the game as everyone else on teamspeak was laughing so much.

  Si_L 15:35 13 Jun 2008

WASD is better than arrows, you can have your right hand free on the mouse, plus there are many other keys handily next to WASD that can be put to good use.

  Marko797 15:51 13 Jun 2008

It's much the same really on arrows, I just move the kbd to the left, and all the keys I need are there, arrows, del, end, etc, and operate the mouse with rt hand. Horses for courses I suppose and what u get used to. Each to their own.

  mrwoowoo 17:15 13 Jun 2008

I'm right handed but have the keyboard on the right and mouse on the left.Arrow keys for direction.
Even use the mouse with my left hand whilst surfing or on my pc at work.I find it easier with my left hand and awkward to use now with my right hand.
Am i normal? (O:!

  Marko797 17:20 13 Jun 2008

just ambidextrous it would appear

  Si_L 06:21 14 Jun 2008

"Each to their own"

Very true. I have just tried playing a game with arrows keys and it felt weird! Stick to what we both know best eh?

  RobCharles1981 23:27 14 Jun 2008

The most important playing rule is to have fun, and play with players that are better than you, if you get murdered you would have learn t something from it!!

Any Guys here play Half Life or Half Life 2 Deathmatch???

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