Gaming PC... Help needed!

  ashleydodds 18:04 21 Jun 2011

Ive purchased a custom built pc off of ebay, i have little knowledge gaming computers as a whole and need some advice from someone with experience who knows a bi about gfx cards etc, here is the link to the pc

Motherboard - Asus P5N32 – E SLI,

CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53Ghz, (Easily O/C able)

Ram/Memory – Corsair 2048MB XMS2 DDR2 @ 800Mhz

Hardrive - Samsung 500GB SpinDrive HD,

PSU – OCZ 600SXS StealthXStream 600W,

Graphics Card – XFX GeForce 9600GSO 384MB DDR3,

Optical Drive – Asus multi-disc reader,

Case – Antec 300 Gaming Case,


Scythe Kaze Master, Fan and temperature reader (below Optical drive on front), £40

Akasa EVO 120 CPU Heatsink, £20

2*Akasa 120mm Case fan (front & back), £16

1* Silent white LED Case fan (front), £8

1* Akasa 140mm Case Fan (top) £9

1* Antec 3-Speed Case Fan (Side)

  ashleydodds 17:28 22 Jun 2011

I need to know if this is good enough to run games such as call of duty and battlefield bad company 2/3 even if it doesnt run at its max settings

  IClaudio 18:33 22 Jun 2011

It looks fine for £200... Windows 7 Ultimate + Office Pro would set you back a lot more than that!

The Graphics card is getting on a bit, but for the games you're interested in, it should be fine, and there's plenty of cooling.

The only question mark is the RAM, I'd look at putting more in as 2Gig is a bit restricting.

  ashleydodds 20:02 22 Jun 2011

Have you got any graphics cards you wouuld reccomend that arent too expensive but are better than the one i have?

  ashleydodds 20:16 22 Jun 2011

Also can i buy any old RAM to go into my system, or is there a specific type i will need?

  gengiscant 08:45 23 Jun 2011

You cannot just stick any old RAM in as you will more than likely have compatibility issues, so it is best to put the same type in. Although the seller of your pc did give some information on your RAM he does not mention all. If you download this SIW the freeware version at the bottom will do, this will tell you all you need to know about what's inside your PC. I think that this is your RAM, RAM but use SIW to check it is PC6400. As for a graphics card upgrade, this really depends on what you want to spend. So if you could mention a budget because as 'iclaudio' says your current card is rather old.

  ashleydodds 10:18 23 Jun 2011

I was thinking of buying the nvidia geforce gtx 260 as the replacement graphics card as i can get it for around £40 which is the most i want to spend at the moment upgrading the pc as i am out of work. As for the RAM i was thinking of the corsair vengeance 4GB. As coursair is the RAM in there at the moment it should be compatable. Thanks for your help by the way guys really appreciate it

  gengiscant 11:00 23 Jun 2011

Where can you get this card for £40? There well maybe Corsair ram in your PC but that does not mean any Corsair RAM will be compatible. Can you post the details or a link to the Vengeance RAM.

  ashleydodds 15:09 23 Jun 2011

Off of ebay and okay heres the link

  gengiscant 15:37 23 Jun 2011

What about the graphics card?

Until you know what type of RAM you have I would not buy it. That is PC12800 DDR3 you have DDR2 can you tell me what numbers come after the PC on your RAM. You can either take a stick out and have a look or use SIW which I gave you a link to in my previous post.

  ashleydodds 15:48 23 Jun 2011

Thats the graphics card im thinking of buying. And my pc is at my dads and i dont think ill be able to check the RAM til tomorrow, ill leave a message tomorrow to tell you what comes after the PC... Sorry for the hassel i just am kind of clueless at this stuff at the moment as im new to computer gaming. Used to play the xbox, but moved to pc gaming

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