Games Room 2008

  Marko797 14:44 11 Jun 2008

Thanks PCA for the new 'room'.

Just hope we can get some of the older threads cleared.

Here's hoping it all goes well :)

  crosstrainer 14:51 11 Jun 2008

I agree....This is like a walk down memory lane! Some of these post's could bring a tear to your eye :))

Nostalgia eh?

  crosstrainer 15:02 11 Jun 2008

It's a quiet time of year for new releases, but my most recent acquisition is COD4 (I know it's a bit old) And Crysis which I have completed.

Looking down the list of some of the 2003 / 02 offerings shows how far the hardware and games industries have developed in a relatively short time.

  Marko797 15:05 11 Jun 2008

some of my faves from the past include:

Deus Ex
Deus Ex 2
Halflife (original of course)


Halflife 2 plus all the Episodes
SiN Emergence

More recently:


  Marko797 15:07 11 Jun 2008

the legendary Far Cry.

Apparently FC 2 is out this year but not sure when.

  Marko797 15:12 11 Jun 2008

I think, in 2003, I was still running a 3dfx voodoo, how things have moved on!

  crosstrainer 15:14 11 Jun 2008

Have only just started COD4, but was a little confused at first. Ok, on the ship, get the file, make jump to the helo....Fine.

Then ( Because I could use the mouse to look around) I thought I'd been taken prisoner in the Middle East. Then dragged out of the car and gunshot to the head :) Eh? I thought I'D been killed lol.

Cut scene should really not allow you to look around....Becomes obvious at the nest point when rescuing the hostage starts!

  Marko797 15:21 11 Jun 2008

only recently started on COD-MW since I got the new grafs card (3850), so am only at level 1, but have been distracted with other 'non-games' things lately.

To be honest, I tried the demo, and got stuck when he was telling me to "get to the 2nd floor and take out those tanks". I've since loaded the full game and now past this particular point.

Sounds as if ur ahead of me.

  crosstrainer 16:17 11 Jun 2008

Different games :)) I'm playing COD 4 lol...(that way I will alway's be ahead of you) I've only just started it as well.

  Marko797 16:31 11 Jun 2008

CT - COD4 is COD-MW, n'est ce pas?

click here

  crosstrainer 16:35 11 Jun 2008

Doh:))) yep same game.....I'm not much ahead of way to take out the tanks is to.... nah, that would be telling!

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