Games for a home network

  John Ross 20:30 02 Oct 2009

We have sorted out our home network recently, with Wifi avergaing around 36-48Mbps and Powerline also giving a reliable ethernet network (200Mbps on the packet but not sure what speed really achieved).
We are looking for some games for 2 or 3 players (preferably cheap or free) to run over the home network. We have two desktops (one an i7 cpu and GT220 video card, the other onboard graphics with a 3.0 celeron cpu), and also a couple of laptops.
Do you ahve to buy a copy of the game for each machine? If so, it definitely needs to eb cheap or free!
Any suggestions gratefully received!!

  wolfie3000 21:01 02 Oct 2009

Well depends on the games you want to play,
Halo is a great FPS shooter for networks and costs next to nothing to buy.

click here

I would reccomend the CE version as it means you can download new maps for network games to keep the game more exciting.

New maps can be downloaded here.

click here

If you are after freeware games to play over a LAN then this site has quite a few, be carefull though some are trials only but the ones marked Freeware are 100% free.

click here

With all the games even the bought ones you will need a copy on each machine so if you do buy a game you will need two copies but some older games cost not more than a few quid.

  wolfie3000 21:11 02 Oct 2009

Also if you do get Halo CE, you got to get this map, its o ne of my favourites and loved by hundreds of Halo players.

click here

Great for urban combat or just cruising in your hog. :P

  John Ross 23:04 02 Oct 2009

Thanks for great advice.
I never played the Halo games : was a fan of Half life.
Which of the Halo games is best for playing on a home network, would you suggest?
Thanks again!

  wolfie3000 02:28 03 Oct 2009

Halo CE as in the Amazon link.
If you enjoyed Halflife then Halo is defiantly the game for you,

Lots of action, great story and loads of custom maps and addons so the game never gets boring.

  Devil Fish 21:04 08 Oct 2009

here are a few of our lan party old favourites that still come out at some stage of the evening when we get together

Soldier of fortune 2 Delta force black hawk down unreal tournament Origional. Cracking games that still have a place at the top table in my collection. If you shop around amazon market place ebay etc you will be suprised at what can be picked up for a couple of quid a copy and a modern laptop should be able to run them without to much difficulty

game station if you have one nearby do second hand games reasonably cheap again worth a look

  John Ross 20:28 10 Oct 2009

Thanks : things going well.
I found wireless LAN poor so have added a Powerline ethernet setup as LAN : much better.
ONE problem : I am not finding the two player campaign mode in Halo CE. Is that because it is not available on PC version, I need an update, I am just looking in the wrong game menu or something else?

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