Games on ancient computers that are still fun now

  Hercule Marple 11:31 15 Nov 2009

This is a sort of development of the 'My first home computer' topic in Speaker's Corner, and my post concerns the Sinclair Spectrum. Via the miracle of the Spectaculator emulator I still get a kick out of:-

Knight Lore
Sabre Wulf
Lunar Jetman (but I wish it wasn't so difficult!)
3D Deathchase
Chuckie Egg
Manic Miner

That's the lot, and I didn't even make it to ten. Not many, when you consider that World of Spectrum has over eleven thousand games available for the format.

I don't think there are any Amstrad CPC 464 games that I'd want to play now. Commodore 64? I have recently had a few games of Paradroid, but I can't think of much else I'd want to revisit.

  babybell 14:20 17 Nov 2009

Bought one on Ebay recently, and I am hooked on Fire Ant, Jet Brix and Iccle Works!

  Hercule Marple 10:54 18 Nov 2009

I never actually got to use one of those, but I did spend many hours playing games on a friend's Comodore Vic-20, which was it's direct ancestor. We used to swap computers for a couple of weeks back then. Good times.

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