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  podlod 18:32 10 May 2011

Hi, in one of my past threads i happen to mention that I cannot use two of my fingers in my left hand for awhile due to an accident. is there a pc games controller i can use temporarily, something in comparism one uses on an xbox?

  Inept Pig 08:08 11 May 2011

You could use an Xbox Controller; although they're not that cheap (around £20) - however, it would depend on which fingers as there are still shoulder buttons that would require pressing on many games - or, indeed, the games you're intending to play.

  podlod 09:37 11 May 2011

Hi inept, I have my right hand, and on the left hand I have my thumb, and my finger which is next to it, which I believe is the index finger.

  Inept Pig 10:08 11 May 2011

It may be worth taking a look around a few shops and getting hands-on with a few controllers to see which has the best fit - I'd hate to recommend something and for it to then be uncomfortable for use.

What type of games are you looking to play? Playing FPS on a pad after using mouse and keyboard can often be a difficult switch!

  AllThumbs 13:59 12 May 2011

The problem with specialist kit is it tends to have specialst price tags. I found one easily on google but it was american and cost around $125 which seems a tad steep.

So, this is going to sound a bit odd but you could look at a nostromo n52e pad.

I know that there are a lot of keys that are unavailable to you, but the pad is completely configurable and on my one, with just thumb and finger (which I can't recall if thats your index or your fore finger), I can reach 5 buttons comfortably with the finger and the thumb has access to another button as well as a 4 way rocker switch (it states its an 8 way rocker but the fine tuning for that 8 is too fiddly for me - 4 is fine). I have pretty small hands so you might have a better reach than me.

In theory not only can each key be given a different use, but macros are possible (ie combination of keys tied to one key so Shift and another key can equal one press on your nostromo). I should point out though that I've never used the macros nor any other of it's vast range of variables - mostly cos I can never remember beyond the normal jump, duck, run keys kind of thing.

Now, I should warn you that some people really can't get on with these pads, they try them for a while and then swear never to touch them again. Since I started using one I like it for all fps games I play. Between a nostromo and a 4 button mouse I've got ample control. You'd obviously have to use more combinations and I suspect it would be fiddly - difficult to get the usual forward back left right motion to fit in easily. But as Pig says, depends what games your interested in.

  AllThumbs 23:30 12 May 2011

I thought I should add that on the nostromo you rest your hand on a curved palm rest so that you form a sort of cup. It's very comfortable but if your hand is in a cast it probably wont work for you. If your two fingers are taped together it might be ok, but like Inept Pig suggests, I'd try it out first.

  gengiscant 08:15 13 May 2011

You could of course wait till your fingers have recovered from their fight with a lawn mower,it has been a fair few weeks now since the mishap so see no point in buying hardware which will only have a limited use to you.

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