G15 Logitech Gaming Keyboard

  morgueman 16:20 02 Jul 2008

Hello all,
been thinking about getting the G15 logitech gaming keyboard and the G5 gamimg mouse, if the wife lets me!
The problem i have is with the keyboard. The older version has 18 'G' keys down the left hand side, all of which can be programmed for quick one stroke keys while playing games. The newer version, the V2, onlt has 6 'G' keys down the left hand side! so my question is, are you losing out on the keys getting the newer version? would really appreciate any help with this'


  morgueman 14:46 10 Jul 2008

Ha yes thanks for that crosstrainer!

  cluckinbell 11:54 11 Jul 2008

I have the G5 mouse, its fantastic, worth every penny. My KD ration in CS:S went up by about 25% once i got it, no lie.

  morgueman 13:35 11 Jul 2008

Got my G5 mouse, got my Razor mouse pad/mat, my KD for COD4 for the last 4 games has been about 34/6, with a kill streak of about 18, never been that good before! Just waiting for the keyboard now!

  morgueman 23:29 11 Jul 2008

Got my keyboard! the only thing about it, on the lcd, whats the thing about the timer, countdown/stopwatch?

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