Free RPG like wow

  Jameslayer 21:15 08 Dec 2010

Hi I am looking for a RPG similar to wow. I am probably going to go back to it but just wondered what other people play.

I have just downloaded perfect world which seems to be free to play but you can buy equipment e.t.c with real gold.

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  wolfie3000 21:54 08 Dec 2010

You chose wisely my friend, PW is one of the best MMORPG games around, but yeh the official game now is just about making money for the owners.

I turned to private servers of the game and now play the Vendetta server.

You can get all your equipment, gold and other stuff for free.

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Just download Vendettas client, install it then download all the patches from the patch page.

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Then play.

We are looking for new members for our guild so would more than welcome you into our guild,
We can get you the best stuff and help you to level.

Im Mishisan in game so PM me in game or give me a shout on the forum, if im not around then my Vice guild master Puppy should be around.

  wolfie3000 22:00 08 Dec 2010

Heres a video of the mounts you can get in game in Vendetta. :P

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  Jameslayer 00:14 09 Dec 2010

I want the motor bike

  Jameslayer 14:06 20 Dec 2010

Hi finally had the time to log in and play and I needed the new client.

Is their a beginners guide and a speccing guide. And what class would you suggest for a new player?

  wolfie3000 15:08 22 Dec 2010

There are guides to stating your character online but they tend to vary alot.

If you can tell me which character you chose then I can give you an idea of how to stat your character.

As for choosing a character type, well they all have good and bad points.

Elf priests tend to not deal out much damage but can self heal and cast alot of protection.

Elf Archers have alot of long range attacks but are weak.

Mages can give out alot of magic damage but are pretty weak also.

Warriors are good all rounders but dont have any long range attacks.

Werefoxs deal alot of slow acting attacks and are weak but not as weak as Elf priests and can use pets.

Werebeasts of which im one can deal alot of physical damage and are strong against physical attacks but can be killed with one hit from magic.

Once you start the game, use thew level scroll then stat so you can wear the armour and weapons then go to the goldmine dungeon for an hour to gain alot of gold.

kill everything in there and then the boss, the boss respawns so you can kill him as much as you like, then use the gold to buy Vcoins, 200Million gold = 1904 Vcoins. happy hunting :)

I will be in game in the next few days from 7pm to 1am and am on the forum alot, so gimme a shout sometime and i can help.
Im Mishisan.

  IClaudio 18:26 23 Dec 2010

Hey Wolfie, I've been playing this for a coupla months - I'm a Lvl 14 Blademaster. Can I migrate to Vendetta, or do I need to start over again?

  IClaudio 21:40 23 Dec 2010

Do you have to d/load each and every patch? And how do you install them?... Just RUN each one?

  wolfie3000 00:14 24 Dec 2010

You just download the client version 85 then the two patches 85-86 and 86-87

Client, torrent.
click here

click here

If the torrent is to slow you can get the client from the official site or download the client via megaupload, but its in bits.
Download each client file and stitch together with HJSplit,
click here

Client on Megaupload,
click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Yes if you havent been on the Vendetta server before you start from the beginning, but you start at level 102. :)

  wolfie3000 00:16 24 Dec 2010

Oh as for the patches once you have installed the game, run the game and click update, then install the patches in numerical sequence, so 85-86 then 86-87.

The patches are zipped so you will have to unzip them first in order to use them.

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