crosstrainer 19:22 27 Nov 2008

The coming season:

My eldest has asked what I'd like, and I just don't know?

The Crysis "Fill in" seems a bit of a shorty, and the new games are a long way off

He offered me a we with one of those puppy games ...........Help?

  mrwoowoo 21:01 27 Nov 2008

Call of duty world at war if you haven't played it already.
How about Fallout 3? Not a pure FPS i grant you,but it looks really cool with a blend of rpg and fps.Also has great reviews.
click here
I know you won't take any notice of me due to my interest in Alone in the dark.)O:!
Still, i wasn't sure about it And i did admit i was wrong though.(O:!

  citadel 21:35 27 Nov 2008

I am playing fallout 3, only have one decent gun and no ammo left for it. still I expect something will turn up. enjoying game so far.

  crosstrainer 21:54 27 Nov 2008

Of course I listen...

Here we are all friends.

  citadel 22:14 27 Nov 2008

just watched the rooftop no mecry act1 video from left 4 dead on you tube. looks great but too fast for me.

  mrwoowoo 23:26 27 Nov 2008

left 4 dead is really my type of game.
Tried to download the demo but steam kept throwing up an error.)))))O:!

  crosstrainer 08:29 28 Nov 2008

...Aarggh! Steam, why oh why, just had the same issue with it!

My take on this is that I buy the legally purchased game.

I am not a thief or software pirate.

Yes, I know they exist, but why should we suffer? Even to run Crysis (Third time now...getting near the caves) I have to disable all antivirus and anti spy ware, or It bleats about CD emulation!

  citadel 10:09 28 Nov 2008

left 4 dead score of 93% in pcgamer, apparently the ai never does the same thing in the same place twice.

  mrwoowoo 23:16 28 Nov 2008

Apparently left 4 dead only lasts an hour in it's single player mode.
I didn't realize it was predominantly a multi player game.

  mrwoowoo 23:18 28 Nov 2008

I'll try disabeling my security software.Hopefully it will do the trick for me as well.

  crosstrainer 06:40 29 Nov 2008

It should do, works for me...Guess I'll opt for the Crysis "Fill in"

Nothing much else about til January :(

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