First time Gaming PC Build on Extreme Budget

  AlexShu 12:05 03 Jun 2014

I'm building a gaming PC for the first time. I am hoping to keep the cost under US$800 (£475ish) since I plan to keep this a budget build. I understand that the budget limits me severely, but I don't want to put too much money into my first build just in case I screw something up. I mainly want a computer that can run the latest titles without any major issues, even if I have to turn some visual settings down quite a bit. I plan to load it with Windows 8.1 (64 bit of course). Please don't try to turn me away from this OS as I already have a license for it that I plan to use.

My basic plans are: Standard ATX Motherboard (preferably with USB 3.0), Intel Processor (I know AMD is cheaper, but I would like Intel), SSD for the OS, and at least one HDD (Probably going to go with 1 TB Western Digital Black).

Specifics on the above are open ended (Intel generation/model, etc). I was wondering if you guys could help me out with these details as well as give pointers to other cheap but good parts (Cooling, RAM, Graphics card, etc).

Some things to note: I can only order parts online; can't pick up parts myself. I want to pick out my own case after I choose which parts to get (for ensured compatibility). I want a reliable brand power supply, since in this case, cheaper isn't worth it. If you want to suggest something from amazon, be sure it is available from (I am a Yankee if you haven't already realized), since I have noticed has some things that the US store doesn't. I already have an optical drive, so no need to worry about that.

I also already have several peripherals: DELL U2412M (display), Logitech k800 (keyboard), Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 v1.0 (Mouse), Audioengine 2's (Desktop Speakers), Fiio Alpen E7 (DAC).

I like my audio, in case you didn't notice :)

Anyways, all suggestions are appreciated. Also, if you see any problems with any of the things I have listed, please let me know. Thanks!

  DanClarke 10:37 06 Jun 2014

Hey buddy,

I have used this company several times in the past and found them really good value on components and DIY kits. I am in no way linked to this company and it is not an advertisement. Have a look though it may save you some money:

Eclipse Computers click here, Dan


  nickf 06:44 18 Jun 2014

Not sure of US prices , but I would be looking at something like the following : Case , corsair carbide 300R , MSI H97 gaming mobo , pentium G3258 anniversary unlocked cpu , MSI Dragon liquid cooler , 8Gb of ram , MSI GTX750i GPU , a decent 500 W psu . That is only a rough guide , but the Pentium CPU is great value for money , and clocks upto 4.6 and gives good in game performance.

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