Fifa 10/ Windows 7

  harps1h 12:04 10 Nov 2009

I have the above and I am some bother getting good gameplay. My problem is this. I have a Saitek 2600 controller and the above, but when I plug in the controller the game becomes unplayable. When i take it out and restart the game it works fine. after not getting any response from EA sports online help (they just ignored my request) i decided to phone the 0870 number. What a waste of time! It turn out that a new game released in October does not support the operating system released also in October, and that is my problem. However when I pointed out that COD5 works perfectly fine he just gave me the same answer. Now, what gets me is here we have a major games producer publishing a major games title 2 weeks before Windows 7 is released nad they don't support it? The tech man says it is because they didn't have the Windows 7 to test!? Am i wrong in presuming that any software publisher would have been granted access to the code to help develop software for it release, in fact that they didn't have a copy of any of the RC's.

I am very puzzled and disappointed in equal measure and really it smacks of laziness towards pc gamers who have made these games before the console generation. but then it is nothing new as we have seen in the attitude of Infinity Ward.

By the way if anyone has any solutions please make them, but please don't suggest buying PES 2010! I think I can figure that one out for myself

  Devil Fish 20:27 10 Nov 2009

just a quick question you say when you plug the controller in it becomes unplayable i take it is a game pad have you callibrated it

  mrwoowoo 21:42 10 Nov 2009

Have you tried it in compatability mode for XP or Vista?
I assume you can till do that in Windows 7.

  harps1h 00:14 11 Nov 2009

yes to both your questions. however EA have suggested uninstalling the nvidia physics.i'll let you know

  mrwoowoo 17:19 11 Nov 2009

Uninstalling the nvidia physics would be a good move if you have an ATI card. That's one of the reasons i switched to Nvidia
Also, most games seeem to be biased towards Nvidia cards. Oh, and there was a great offer of two free games with my Nvidia card as well. (O:!

  harps1h 17:50 11 Nov 2009

well that did not work it still is the same. sigh :-(

  mrwoowoo 19:21 11 Nov 2009

FIFA 10 is Windows 7 compatible as is the 2600 controller, so despite what Mr EA says i don't think it's a compatibility issue. Perhaps he meant/thought the 2600 wasn't compatible.
I assume that you have tried to download the latest Windows 7 driver from Saitek.
Does it crash or make unplayable any other games at all?
By unplayable if you mean the controller is erratic, then it does sound like a driver issue.

  harps1h 00:20 12 Nov 2009

Put it like this. I have downloaded every possible driver for 7. I have even tried to play in compatibilty mode. The 2600 is listed as a compatible pad, and when it is connected the gamplay is impossible as it runs at around 5/7 fps. Take it out and restart the game and using the keyboard/mouse, it runs like a dream. except I am crap using them.

So I take this info to EA first by email then by phone. After going around in circles for around 15 mins, I happened to mention it worked ok before I upgraded from XP to 7. Ah! says Mr EA, thats the problem. We don't support Windows 7, I cant help you!

So the issue appears to lie with either Saitek or EA, my bet is EA. This is as mentioned earlier the game ran ok on XP. So despite having all the necessary specs plus more, I have a shiny new cup mat, and £30 down the drain

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