FEAR Expansion Packs

  Colin 13:15 03 Jul 2008

I have finished playing FEAR for the second time. I wasn’t that impressed with it first time round and I only played it again as I’m between games. It now looks quite dated, the graphics are poor and the gameplay is very linear. I have a Radeon 3870 and an E8400 CPU so can play it at full detail at 1600x1200. I see that there is FEAR Gold which has 2 expansion packs as well as the full game. Do the 2 expansion packs look and play the same as the original or are the graphics updated and the gameplay improved? I’ve read a few reviews which say that the 2 packs are as good as the full game, but do any forum members have any views?


  mrwoowoo 16:58 03 Jul 2008

The expansion packs of which, Perseus mandate i have played,are basically the same as the original.
I would sum it up like this.
If you’re a fan of F.E.A.R. and have just been looking for more of the same firefights with a couple of new weapons and enemies, then you’re probably going to find Perseus Mandate fun. If you’re looking for something new or compelling and some flahy sound or visuals, don’t bother.
I loved F.E.A.R and loved Perseus mandate.If you
wasn't impressed with F.E.A.R then this will leave you cold as well.

  mrwoowoo 20:43 03 Jul 2008

Just to add that i'm really looking forward to the F.E.A.R sequel'Project origin'later in the year.I particularly like the particle effects from the bullets,the great sound and of course the scary bits.Apparently the development team had to ask the top man wheather a certain element was too scarey or not, to include in the game.
Great stuff.
But,if it aint your thing,it aint your thing.

  Armchair 19:19 04 Jul 2008

Perseus Mandate is supposed to be a real stinker. Extraction Point is worth getting cheap (ie 2nd hand).

  Colin 16:13 05 Jul 2008

Thanks for the responses. I'll probably still get it when I see it cheap enough. I have a good second hand games shop close by.

  Armchair 16:31 05 Jul 2008

I got Extraction point for £3, used (Grainger Games).

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