Far Cry

  ordep 10:20 21 Oct 2009

With a horrible day yesterday, weather wise, nothing much else to do but play games on the computer ;-) Recently finished CoD4 with Red Faction Guerrilla waiting to be played, don't want to install it just yet, as I'm waiting on W7, so, back to one of my most favorite games of all time, Far Cry.

It looks dated now, graphics wise but, still one of the best games ever. I love the freedom it allows you to wander all over the place and play it how you want to.

This review explains it far better than I ever could.

click here;read-review

  gengiscant 10:28 21 Oct 2009

Far far better than Farcry 2.
I for one am tired of being disappointed in sequels.
I have just got myself a copy of Farcry from a cash generator shop for 99p,now thats a bargain for a great game.

  ordep 12:03 21 Oct 2009

Great find gengiscant, enjoy.
p.s. Don't forget the patch.
click here;read-review

  mrwoowoo 16:08 21 Oct 2009

Far cry is also one of the greats for me.
Far cry 2,one for the bottom of the pile.
"I for one am tired of being disappointed in sequels."
Come on,it's not all bad news. The Resi evil series,Doom 3, Call of duty,Medal of honor,Tomb raider now back on track. Roll on Bioshock 2.
A lot of the failings of sequels is due to the fact that a lot of the time the developers of the original game are not involved in the development of the next instalment.
Far cry was developed by Crytek whilst Far cry 2 was Ubisoft Montreal who obviously had totally different ideas.
Not always a bad thing. But in my opinion,if you have a new team you should at least have one person from the original team to bounce ideas off.

  mrwoowoo 16:16 21 Oct 2009

In reality it was Crysis that was the sequel to Far cry. And that was a pretty good effort.

  IClaudio 18:55 21 Oct 2009

Always resisted Far Cry, but now ordered it from Amazon at just £4 :)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:44 22 Oct 2009

Far Cry was my favourite FPS and I still play it from time to time. When it came out it was the first game to give my Radeon 9700pro a test (happy days)- it had a story, maybe a bit flaky towards then end but the variety of environments really shows what a poor effort FC2 is. Parts of Crysis were good but overall not in the same class as FC.

  rdave13 21:43 23 Oct 2009

Far Cry free from here; click here . I'ts Ad supported but would have saved the four squids. :)

  anthonystorey 01:37 25 Oct 2009

just bought far cry 2 for a tenner from head (old zavvi in meadowhell) ive been playing it for a couple of hours now, graphically its not that bad it took me 20 mins to realise i had to buy a gun online before i could progress and that damn malaria whats all that about. ill give it a couple more hours then if its no better it can gather dust on the shelf with soldier of fortune 3-payback.

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