gengiscant 20:06 01 Jan 2009

It has taken me a while,bought the game six weeks before I even got around to play it,but now that I have,WOW,there is so much to do,apart from the main story line.

Great thing,unlike Farcry2,is, if you whilst wandering come across an area,
and kill all the baddies,if you have to come back,it remains cleared.

Not my usual sort of game (FSP) but has me hooked.

A game I will definitely play again,just to do more quests etc.


  citadel 19:35 09 Jan 2009

even if you are not on a quest there are things to do just wandering through the wasteland. last night wandering in the top left of the map I came across the schematics for the dart gun and found the deathclaw sanctuary where I found 'vengence' a minigun that does big damage, later I got the reservists rifle from some baddie in a church.

  Dizzy Bob 13:23 04 Feb 2009

If you like Fallout3, try Oblivion, also by Bethseda.

  Marko797 17:11 13 Feb 2009

this game at all. I'm in Megaton..ok so what now? Chat to loads of folks, get quests, ok but where do I get weapons from. I have a police baton thus far. Spent loads of time stealing plungers from the loos (please), occasional bit of steak, old bottles. Why, I don't know, but it passed the time. Tried to fix water leaks, but skill levels aren't high enough. Tries to diffuse bomb, ditto on skill levels. Going round in circles. Runs fine btw, but it's not great as a RPG at all.

  citadel 18:51 13 Feb 2009

there is a small group of houses not far from where you leave the vault, there is a woman inside one who is hiding from moriarty, she will give you 300 caps to tell him that she has gone.
go to craterside supply and buy weapon and take the waste land survival guide quest.
as soon as have raised your level get explosives up to 25 and you can defuse the bomb, the reward is a house where you can store stuff you find or sell it to craterside supply. it also has a bed.
while doing the wasteland quest you will soon have a load of weapons and ammo.

  citadel 18:57 13 Feb 2009

for got to say before you left the vault armata should have given you a gun and you should have searched for stimpacks and everything you could carry incluing a bobblehead from dads desk.

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