Duke Nukem Forever

  Colin 12:11 09 Jun 2011

Ordered PC version yesterday from Play.com for £26.99 with free delivery and received e-mail today confirming dispatch. Couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else and it's £29.99 to download from Steam.

Come get some!

  gengiscant 12:16 09 Jun 2011

Good find, I am trying my best not to pre order as I have been disappointed to often recently by games, Black Ops,Medal of Honour and Crysis 2 to name a few.

Hope the game lives up to the hype,its been a hell of a time coming.

  Colin 12:21 09 Jun 2011

I'll post back what I think of it. I rarely buy new games on release but I've made an exception in this case - probably due to nostalgia! Having seen most of the trailers for the game I'm sure it won’t be long before The Daily Wail demands its banning, thereby giving it free publicity.

  gengiscant 14:01 09 Jun 2011

found it cheaper,Game I am sure that I have used these people before and whereas with Play you will get the game the day it comes out, this lot are rubbish, took a few days to get the game I ordered, if my memory serves.

  gengiscant 14:03 09 Jun 2011

This is quite a good website for finding games a bit cheaper.Game crawler

  Colin 16:09 09 Jun 2011

Thanks for the links. It's strange that the release date is 10 June but Play appear to have it in stock and tell me it has been dispatched today. Anywho, I know it takes a day or so to arrive, so hopefully I'll get it on Saturday.

  AllThumbs 21:17 09 Jun 2011

I was tempted to get this on the day it comes out....but have resisted. I loved the last duke game...but I was a younger gamer then and this thing is going to have to be something special to justify the cost/wait to bring it to release. Heck of a prelude to live up to.

  serg.nik 11:54 15 Jun 2011

imho duke - is legend of game world. otherwise it may disappoint players (graphics engine obsolete, flat humor). you must play this - if you are love this legend. /imho

  Colin 12:31 23 Jun 2011

I’ve played the game off and on for the past week or so now. First impressions aren’t good. Loading times were ridiculous but disabling V Sync solved that, (same with Dead Space). The story takes a while to get going so I’ll report back when I’ve gone further into the game. I am taking into account what the game represents and who it is aimed at so the jury’s out at the moment.

  gengiscant 12:53 23 Jun 2011

I have been waiting for some word from you, most of what I have read about this game have not been good, in fact they have been very bad. I think I will wait till it drops to a tenner before buying it. I'll stick with the Halflife 2 mods for the time being.

  Colin 23:14 23 Jun 2011

The F.E.A.R Collection for £9.99 from Steam will be my next purchase an then Bulletstorm when it drops in price.

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