Drone advice required please

  Tech No 06:24 22 Aug 2015

hi, Im thinking of getting a drone with reasonable camera/video, and wondered what I need to use this. I would like as much flying time as possible with a price of between £50 - £300. I dont have a super duper phone (infact its ancient) and have a basic hp computer and hp laptop. Do I have all that is required ?

  spuds 09:56 22 Aug 2015

Have a word with Maplins,they seem to be getting into this market click here

  hastelloy 10:27 22 Aug 2015

I have been researching this (in other words - no experience) and I don't think you'll get much for your budget. DJI Phantom (twice your budget) seems to be the best entry level and you do need a smart phone.

  hastelloy 10:28 22 Aug 2015

PS My son-in-law works for Maplins and this was his advice too.

  spuds 11:02 22 Aug 2015

Perhaps adding to my previous comment. Maplins were selling their CA/ToyLab 3 channel mini-spy (Maplin cat ref: N48DR) camera drone/helicopter for £29.99 plus a range of extra spare parts as a clearance offer in February of this year.

Having a possible loose slate situation on the house, and also a number of outhouse roofing problems, we decided to purchase one of these offers, so saving any ladder work (age thing). Apparently it would do what we required, but like everything else nowadays, just haven't got around to trying it out. But for £29.99 plus about £10.00 worth of extra spare parts, we were not expecting great things - but you never know - one day soon, I might be proven wrong!.

Should perhaps add further, wouldn't recommend any night flying. One of our neighbours purchased one of the 'better' models, and on first eager attempt, having received the purchase. He went out and gave the drone a trial run, with the end results of knocking peoples doors to see if his new toy was on their property, "having come down somewhere". Luckily it was easy to find in my next door neighbours lawn, because the drone had flashing lights fitted (possibly like the real thing).

  hastelloy 12:07 22 Aug 2015

You should also b aware of the CAA rules - CAA more general.


I'm not sure that anything in the OP's price range would carry a half decent camera.

Your neighbour's experience wouldn't happen with the Phantom as it returns (via GPS) to the control unit before the battery runs out.

Yuneec have a good reputation but, apparently, will not fly within 26 feet of the control unit. 1]: [click here 2]: [click here

  ArishaDash 18:35 22 Aug 2015

I have the same questions as author. To explore it, I`m reading drone guides, for example this one 1">[click here Thank you guys for replies, found new for me!

  ArishaDash 18:39 22 Aug 2015

I have the same questions as author. To explore it, I`m reading drone guides, for example this one click here Thank you guys for replies, found new for me!

  andyliu 04:53 20 Oct 2015

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