driving games on pc

  morgueman 13:55 01 Dec 2008

Hello all, was just wondering if any driving games are any good on the pc? see theres a need for speed: undercover out and was wondering about getting it.
I've played some driving games on a ps2 but i had a steering wheel and brakes unit when i played them and so was wondering if its the same playing them on the pc using the keyboard and mouse or can you get a steering wheel, etc for the pc?
Any help would be appreciated,


  Coltch 16:18 01 Dec 2008

I wouldn't even think about playing a driving game on the PC without either a gamepad or wheel.

I'm using a Logitech wheel/pedals and it works fine (not as good as a Momo, but 1/4 of the price!).

The games I play are NFS: Most Wanted, Flatout 2, GTR2, GT Legends and Race Driver: GRID.

  j.woody 16:33 01 Dec 2008

there is quite a good game called "project torque" and it is free to play. all you have to do is to register and then download it. To find it, type "project Torque" in google and click on the first link. The problem is that donwload time is big (depending on your computer). i would also recommend on playing racing games wiith a steering wheel. its alot easier than playing with a keyboard!!

  wolfie3000 23:27 01 Dec 2008

Best iv played is trackmania, totally free from here.

click here

Heres some in game footage.

click here

  IClaudio 17:17 02 Dec 2008

Beware, it will take over your life...

  Si_L 00:33 03 Dec 2008

I can't get track mania to work. I downloaded it from the site and installed it, but every time I click on it to run, it doesn't do anything.

  Si_L 01:43 03 Dec 2008

Doesn't matter now, just tried a reboot and its works now, and what a game! I can't beat Gold on A-10 Aerobatic though (the one where you have to drive off the ramp and go through the hole). Simple, but great fun.

  donki 13:29 03 Dec 2008

There has been a real lack of good driving games on the pc in recent years. I remember the days of Indycar, Grand Prix 1 & 2, Race Car Driver and Nascar. These were real driving games not acradey racers such as need for speed which I woudlnt touch with a bardge pool.

I am waiting for Gran Tourismo to coem out then buying a PS3 lol, is that a bit overboard?

  morgueman 08:51 04 Dec 2008

Anyone got any suggestions for a good set of steering wheels and pedals? Seen Logitech force Feedback at PC World, but not alot else!

  roddypoddy 09:53 04 Dec 2008

i use one of these(actually the older version)
click here
on one of these click here
The best for me in terms of budget,and ease of set-up/use.
There are better wheels(g25 if you have the money)
and the DFP has GT4 on the front of it,it works a treat on pc with drivers from Logitechs site,i use mine on my ps3 also,could,nt be happier for the price,top quality product,at a bargain basement price,IMHO.
And i will happily vouch for both company,s.
Games i play
Race07 evolution
Also F1 on ps3,with a little GTP5 thrown in now and then.

  Esc4p3 12:43 05 Dec 2008

I use either an old Microsoft force feedback wheel and pedals or an xbox 360 gamepad for my PC driving. Grid Racedriver if fantastic if you like that kind of thing plus all the others mentioned above.

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