Direct3D stopped working

  robzwolf 14:14 19 Aug 2010

My computer is running Windows XP SP2, I currently can't upgrade to SP3 (but that's another matter).

I bought a copy of Train Simulator a while back. It worked fine, all my computer specs were way above the recommended specs. In case they're important, here they are:

--Game Requirements (my computer)--
# Windows 95/98/ME (XP running compatibility mode) - 32MB RAM (512MB RAM)
# Windows 2000 (XP running compatibility mode) - 64MB RAM (512MB RAM)
# 266MHz processor (2.8GHz single core processor)
# hard drive 500MB (30GB)
# video card 8MB (64MB) / 3D (seems to have vanished from my computer...)
# audio board (yes) with speakers (yes) / headphones (yes)

--End of requirements--

So the problem is that Direct3D seems to have vanished from my computer. Train Simulator used to work fine on my computer, then one day it suddenly stopped. I've tried reinstalling the video driver that Medion supply, yet no help. Also, any screensavers that use 3D (i.e. 3D pipes, 3D text etc) all say 'Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices' in a white box floating around the screen. My computer is a Medion PC MT 7.

Please reply ASAP.


  gengiscant 19:26 19 Aug 2010

You do not say what make/model of card but with only 64 Mb of memory it must be pretty old.
If you download and install this SIW click here you can find out your motherboard make/model and your graphics card, which might have died or hopefully just needing a driver update.
But until I know what card you have I cannot point you in the right direction to get driver.

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