Dead Space Revisited

  crosstrainer 07:44 10 May 2009

Well, after mrwoowoo kindly pointed me in the direction of a trainer, I finished the game.

Feeling that I had missed out on a lot of things by cheating it (could not cope with the controls) I decided to play through again....Always like to play games at least twice anyway.

It really was a missed opportunity to be a classic.

Am enjoying it more the second time around, (now playing with a new Nvidia 286 monster card, so see even more.

Waiting for Crysis 2, as Project Origin was a huge disappointment.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:50 10 May 2009

found a good home for that pair of 8800gtxs!

  crosstrainer 15:10 10 May 2009

They are installed in a newer quad core PC, and the odd thing is, that because of the fact that the new quad (still a work in progress) has an AMD mobo, the performance is not as good as it was with this machine (Nvidia chipset)

Having said that, It's plenty quick, but I think the machine would prefer a high end Radeon card...Musn't grumble :))

  retep888 00:24 11 May 2009

<<(now playing with a new Nvidia 286 monster card, so see even more.)>>

With that new "GTX285+1" monster card,of course you can see more. :-)

After I upgraded to a complete new system with a twin GTX295 QuadSli, I sold my 2 GTX280 to someones I know,in fact they asked me to build a new system around them,of course I was more than happy to do it.

  crosstrainer 08:27 11 May 2009

The new card was bound to be better....I'd have been angry if it wasn't. I will have to buy one of the new dual top end Radeon's for my work in progress pc though. The 8800gtx's work fine (and I guess I'm nit picking here) But the chipset on the AMD board is designed to work with the ATI cards.

  mrwoowoo 17:57 11 May 2009

"now playing with a new Nvidia 286 monster card,"
Oh my gawd.I'm turning greener than the hulk.

"Project Origin was a huge disappointment."
I have really enjoyed playing Fear 2.
Great graphics,weapons and a variation of enemies and gameplay.Also the sound was top notch too.
Would be interested to know what you found dissapointing.

  crosstrainer 07:07 12 May 2009

I thought they made it "bitty" The sequences in the armoured robot did not seem to belong in the game, and the frantic right mouse clicking to defeat big enemies was poor also.

Added to that, I thought the ending was pathetic. Roll on Crysis 2 (got any good ideas for FPS out at the moment?)

  mrwoowoo 20:12 12 May 2009

"I thought the ending was pathetic."
Totally agree .I didn't even realise that it was the end of the game.
Only just started playing Cryostasis, though i wouldn't recommend it from what i've seen so far.
Damnation is a game that looks quite cool to me although it's third person,so probably not for you.
Damnation gameplay video
click here
As for pure FPS games at the mo there's nothing about i'm afraid.
Wolfenstein is worth looking out for when it's released.
Red faction guerilla out on june 2nd looks good.But again is third person.
Perhaps third person shooter/action games are making a pc comeback as it's unusual to see this many releases.

  crosstrainer 14:35 13 May 2009

I remember the original Wolfenstein...That was quite good for a DOS game...Might take a look, else it's back to good old Flight SimX for a bit.

  crosstrainer 08:52 16 May 2009

....And I shall tick resolved.

I hate to admit this, but Dead Space is a far, far better game then the long awaited (and looked forward to) Project Origin.

Yes, the controls are awful, but the plot, gameplay graphics and sound make up for this. I hated it at first (due to the controls) and was forced to use a trainer to complete it the first time around. But having nearly finished it a second time without cheating, it really is a great game.

I hope that my next eagerly anticipated release (Crysis 2) does not disappoint the way PO did.

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