Dead Space Or Dead Loss?

  crosstrainer 07:46 21 Jan 2009

I'm finding this game impossible :(( I have only got as far as the start when you have to manually attach the cables to fix the blocked tram line.

I have only one other option to fix the slamming door below this, I can't do it as it tells me to go into stasis mode which seems to involve control/shift click and various other keypresess which don't work.

Very frustrating, as it looks a good game.

  citadel 20:28 21 Jan 2009

there is a dead space visual walkthrough that may help.

  Kevscar1 08:04 22 Jan 2009

If you mean the arm to retract the tram I had troubles with this at first.
You need to activate the arm and as it reaches the tram fir eyour special power at it. can't remember what it's called but I think you press C.
This locks the arm then run to the main board in the centre and activate it. That will pull the tram out

  mrwoowoo 18:23 23 Jan 2009

Stasis is just right click and c.The right click aims your weapon at the object/enemy that you wish to slowmo and the clicking on c fires it.
Come on crosstrainer it's only 2 buttons and you call yourself a gamer.(O:!
If c doesn't work then remap it to another key and then it will as i think i had that problem.Then c was a secondary stasis key and it then worked as well!
Seriously though.I also found this part frustrating.I was hitting the tram arm activation button and then hitting the arm with stasis which didn't allow me enough time to reach the control panel before it disengaged again.
If you stasis the tram arm first and then activate the button to engage it,that will allow enough time to run to the main panel and activate it(just).
Frustrating at times but stick with it as it's an excellent game(IMHO).I'm on chapter 10 and although i have COD WAW and Fallout 3 i can't leave it alone.
Wondered where you've been for a while but glad you're on the mend (again).Here's hoping for good health and good gaming for the rest of 2009.
P.s.. If you can't manage 2 buttons in Dead space how on earth will you cope with your series 5 BMW.LOL.
Sorry,i'll stop now.(O:!

  crosstrainer 05:49 24 Jan 2009

I think the main problem is the ASWD issue (no patch yet :(( ) but I will give it a try. So I don't have to repair the slamming door below the tram level?

As for the car, I'm used to BMW's toy's, although this one has a lot more :))

  mrwoowoo 14:26 24 Jan 2009

"So I don't have to repair the slamming door below the tram level?"
No.Just fire your stasis at it to put it into slowmo which gives you enough time to run through between slams.

  crosstrainer 14:31 24 Jan 2009

Will give it a go later....My swivel gaming computer chair has finally given up the ghost, and I need to replace it. Think I might go for a standard four leg variety which will stop me from scooting around on it (which is probably what caused it to break!)

I DO have to fix the door first then?

  mrwoowoo 14:33 24 Jan 2009

Just a thought.
On the back of your suit is a round blue circle which shows how much stasis you have left.If the circle is empty you need to recharge stasis from a stasis station on a wall .Locations of stasis are shown on the map.
Maybe that's why nothing happens.You may be empty.
I know what you mean about ASWD only as i prefer the arrow direction controls as i have my mouse on the left.
Soon got used to it though with a bit of remapping for the other keys..

  mrwoowoo 14:35 24 Jan 2009

I think you just progress through the door after you attatch the tram arms.Could go through first to see what gives as i can't really remember.
I know you have to drag the tram into place first with kinesis.

  crosstrainer 14:43 24 Jan 2009

Have plenty of stasis, as I have yet to use any :)) I'll go with the Tram first option when I get a new chair...Using the lappy at the moment.

  crosstrainer 08:24 27 Jan 2009

Of a non ps2 keypad walkthrough for this game? Still can't get anywhere with it, as don't have enough time after hitting the tram arm with stasis to activate the other arm. Also annoying is the fact that you have leave the room, close the door before the arm re-sets to give you another chance.....Roll on the new FEAR (February 6) I say :(

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