Dead Space 2 graphics problem

  Armaggedon89 13:47 18 Aug 2012

Hi everyone, I have Dead Space 2 PC game and I'm very annoyed because of it's graphics problem. First, I'm sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language. Because I'm familiar with asking for help (by me or someone else), I'll write my PC specs here first:

Intel CORE i5-480m

AMD Radeon HD 6370 with 1GB

6GB DDR3 RAM memory

I tried to play it, but I have really bad graphics in it (i mean the game). Here are some screenshots of the game.

There you go, I don't know what else can I do. I have the latest graphic drivers (I just finished playing Darksiders 2 and Max Payne 3 on highest settings, no problems at all), I was monitoring temperature of my CPU, it's about 65-80 during games, and I tried with modifying all graphic settings in game and in RadeonPro and CCC, restoring to default, and no, the game graphics stays intact.

Please, if anyone can and will, help. I want badly to play this game, but it seems that I'm not lucky enough.

Thanks in advance!

  Armaggedon89 17:35 20 Aug 2012

Retail version of the game. No, it's not only with Isaac. It's with characters, and some equipment. If you want, I will take screenshots of Isaac and others and Isaac at the wall-mounted computer for some doors...

  KRONOS the First 17:57 20 Aug 2012

Their is pretty much agreement that there are corrupt installation files, you did not mention whether you have tried reinstalling the game?

I took it and so did others that it was just a problem with Issac but you say it happens elsewhere so a couple more sceenshots would be good.

  Armaggedon89 18:39 20 Aug 2012

Yeah, sorry about that, I forgot to mention that. I did have tried reinstalling the game twice...

Here is screenshot of wall-mounted pc for loading, or saving:

You can see computer's graphics behind the blue effect, but here's another one:

and I had difficulties to find another character who wasn't on some screen, but here's one of two screenshots I took:

It isn't clear as the aliens (or whatever it was) were pulling him very fast to the ceiling vent. Here's second, with someone who grabbed me as soon as I approached him, but that's where I quit the game to post this :)

I hope I'm not boring with all of this... I just really wanna play survival horror game... But I guess I would have to satisfy with Amnesia or something else... :(

  KRONOS the First 18:57 20 Aug 2012

Check back tomorrow as there is little I can do at the moment as I am on my tablet and will not be back at my PC till tomorrow. We will get it sorted just a pity you did not mention you were getting graphical glitches elsewhere earlier, no matter I will post the info to interested parties and see what the advice is.

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