Crysis Warhead

  crosstrainer 12:58 30 May 2009

Just completed it for the first time...Most enjoyable as a stop gap, so will (as is customary with me) Play again.

Anyone got a date for MP3?

  mrwoowoo 21:09 30 May 2009

"Anyone got a date for MP3?"
Still due for a christmas release,so my list has gone off early to santa.
Have you played Warhead online?
I found it rather good fun using the cloak etc.And the best thing was, no idiots commenting about noobs and such.Made a refreshing change.

  crosstrainer 00:31 31 May 2009

No..... Can't cope with online gaming

Only FSX....

You choose scenario, I will create it and off we go...

So far I have had No taker's!

  crosstrainer 17:10 31 May 2009

You do have FSX don't you? We can set up a simple scenario, just flying circuits and touch landing / takeoffs.

No people are allowed in on a private session anyway, so you will not get the complicated ATC commands that you would if flying some of the more complicated stuff.....Come on, If you worry about the sound of your voice, you want to hear mine :))

  mrwoowoo 19:47 31 May 2009

I had a dabble with FSX in the middle of a gaming drought but uninstalled it.
I must admit,i found it a bit dull.I need the adrenalin rush and buzz of a good shooter to keep me occupied as i do get bored easily.
The only decent online capable game i have on the go at the mo is Quake 4.
Good fun and a laugh as well.Now if you want to play that online just let me know.
At £4.99 it can't be bad.(((O:!

  crosstrainer 06:58 01 Jun 2009

I've got it :)) not installed at the mo though....FSX can be made very adrenalin pumping you know :))

I seem to remember that there were compatibility issues with Quake and Vista....Might give it another go, although every time I have tried to play online, I'm dead in seconds :((

  mrwoowoo 18:48 01 Jun 2009

I have Vista and use compatability mode with no issues at all.

"I'm dead in seconds"
Aren't we all at first?
I could create a passworded server and show you the ropes as it were.
My 10 year old son beat me for the first time last week so i'm not so hot myself.)O:!

  crosstrainer 07:12 05 Jun 2009

I will install today...and get back to you!

  crosstrainer 16:35 05 Jun 2009

.....Installed, next?

  mrwoowoo 17:51 05 Jun 2009

Next,i create a server that i will call gremlins.
Then you can find it by browsing the multiplayer servers and log in to it at a time we can agree on.
The password will be mrwoowoo.

  crosstrainer 22:09 05 Jun 2009

errr... Not sure what you mean..bit thick when it comes to online gaming,,

Should I create a "gremlin" Games?


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