Crysis Warhead

  iqs 21:08 11 Sep 2008


Whats all the fuss about the protection in Crysis warhead,any ideas ?.


  crosstrainer 08:48 12 Sep 2008

It's an extra to keep us all who have completed the game going until the next episode is released.

In it, you play as "Psycho".... I have not bought it yet, but plenty of info. here:

click here

  iqs 20:31 12 Sep 2008

thanks for the link crosstrainer

  crosstrainer 01:34 14 Sep 2008

Just discovered that Warhead is going to be a Steam game.

Not for me, why oh why do they insit on this type of franchise?

click here

  iqs 08:52 14 Sep 2008

Hi crosstrainer,

I was not impressed with Steam either,a shame really as Half Life 2 is a classic.It put me off completing the game,having to log into your Steam account etc etc..Cheers

  Marko797 17:29 14 Sep 2008

i think it's just anti-pirate protection again, isn't it??

More importantly, has anyone got this yet, and able to post a mini-review?

  Marko797 17:30 14 Sep 2008

steam or not, this is a 'must have'.

  iqs 17:33 14 Sep 2008

thanks Marko797

  AL47 21:48 15 Sep 2008

Will probably have to buy :(

Whats steam?!

  bugmenotter 02:29 18 Sep 2008


You must be a total retard?! Crysis Warhead a 'must have'? Muahahahaha - Crysis Warhead is going the same way as Crysis - down the toilet! Who care about that bugged uber tech demo with no game playing fun, using huge hardware resources for some island graphics - lol!
AND BEST: The tehcnical Top-Notch-Uber-Shooter comes now with NO (!) 64-Bit version!


  citadel 21:13 18 Sep 2008

review says it's easier on graphics, high settings on mid range pc with current generation hardware. scored 9, it will take you 7 hours to complete, there is new multi-player stuff.

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