Crysis: did you finish the game.

  ordep 20:44 26 Jul 2009

I thought it a brilliant fps but, the last few levels were I thought, frustratingly boring.
In the core floating about aimlessly, Paradise was one mad dash, and now in one of the Helli things waving about all over the place trying to get a bead on the bad guys
I've given up on it now.
For the time being any ways.
Crysis Warehead's in the post, yippeee

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:12 26 Jul 2009

completed it and never played it again. Same with Far Cry 2, although that at least had a storyline.

  crosstrainer 21:24 26 Jul 2009

Both....The VTOL bit you are stuck on is a bit silly....Use the TAB key for extra boost, and you will eventually make it to the Carrier.

  gengiscant 13:41 27 Jul 2009

No,I found the game boring,same with Farcry 2.Which is a pity because I bought them on the day they came out,so full price and didn't enjoy either.
Still playing Fallout 3 what with all the added download content.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:49 27 Jul 2009

Crysis was brilliant right up to the point where you go into the alien ship, then the whole game just got dull. Persevered and finished it though....and the end was a let down.

Spend most of my time on CoDWaW now. Much better game!

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