mobileman1953 18:45 31 Jul 2008

playing crysis got to last level and cant lock tac cannon on target does anyone know why

  mrwoowoo 19:15 31 Jul 2008

Only when the warrior (huge alien ship) opens the bottom door thing to release the aliens is when you can lock on and shoot it to kill it.
Apart from that there has been a lot of people reporting bugs at this stage of the game.
Try lowering your settings to up the frame rate.I know that doesen't sound exactly related,but a lot of gamers have done this and the cannon has then locked on.

  citadel 21:25 31 Jul 2008

install the patch, if it still will not work you will have to go back to a previous save and try again. It took a few go's before I could get it to work. save as soon as you kill the big alien on the deck incase you have to go back.

  gazzaho 02:50 01 Aug 2008

As the others have said you can only use the Tac Cannon once you have destroyed both arms and it moves in over the top of the ship, it drove me nuts for a while because I was trying to use it on the walker bot, then on the arms of the big alien ship before figuring it out LOL.

  mobileman1953 08:22 01 Aug 2008

thanks for your replys will try later and give feedback

  gengiscant 18:47 01 Aug 2008

I found the game tedious.-
I even upgraded my Gpu to 8800gtx to play it.
Rubbish game,
Lets hope Farcry 2 does better.

  superhoops 21:19 01 Aug 2008

I got bored of never having any ammo. Never ever played a game before where you go into deadly situations with a gun but no bullets to fire from it. Uninstalled way way before the end

  crosstrainer 07:15 02 Aug 2008

At some of the comments here. I found Crysis a great game, and have completed it twice. Just goes to show we all have differnet tastes!

People raved about Oblivion, so I bought it and the "Shivering Isles" expansion pack. Played it twice and could not get into it at all. The expansion pack is still shrink wrapped!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:41 02 Aug 2008

but it really wasn't a great game, it was too short, the storyline was half baked and I only really enjoyed the FPS parts. Driving a tank, flying the dropship and worst of all that awful weightless section seemed pointless fillers.
Now Far Cry and Half Life 2 - they are great games.

  superhoops 22:10 02 Aug 2008

Arthur Scrimshaw. How right you are about Half Life 2. Have played it many times,have bought episode 1 and 2, have downloaded many enthusiasts efforts at extra levels etc, some very good. Oh I would love to have a gravity gun!!

  Coltch 08:07 04 Aug 2008

I still think the first part of the game (before you get to the annoying weightless part) is great fun.

It's a shame that there are no more patches being released - it brings my 2 x 2900XT's to crawl (DX10)

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