Crash Dumps on new PC?? Help!!!

  Tomfri2 10:30 06 Aug 2012

I have recently upgraded my system as I wanted to start playing more upto date games, I bought a new MB, Asus P8Z68-V LX Socket 1155, and processor, Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3GHz Socket 1155, I also bought G-Skill 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz RipjawsX Memory Kit, I am using this with two harddrives, and a Geforce 460 GTX, also my psu is 650 watts. When playing on steam every so often, my comp gives me BSOD and says it is crash dumping, then more recently it just has been freezing with a loud whirring noise coming from my speakers, then goes to crash dump screen, I am worried that maybe my PSU cant run my computer, as my new mb has two power pins with only one in, but a friend assured me that you do not need both to run, and my omp runs fine apart from this, also top of my pc feels quite hot to touch which made me wonder is it a failing PSU, but I do not know what causes this error, I have taken a pic of error codes after windows restart if thats any help, please help me !!!!!!!

  KRONOS the First 13:28 06 Aug 2012

You will need to post the error messages but one thing I can say is that 650W PSU is plenty for what you have though you do not say what PSU you have. But if you only have a cheapo PSU you can have problems as the quality is poor in quite a few of these so you might not get the power your system needs.

It is always best to plug all power cables into mobo no matter what your friend says,looking at your mobo manual I see that you do have the 8Pin EATX 12v connection.

  Tomfri2 14:46 06 Aug 2012

I thought 650w would be enough, but what I have noticed is my comps temp, when I put my hand on top of my pc, its warm, but when these errors occur, i feel top of my pc, and its red hot, its not unbareable to touch but close, could this be faulty psu, i can post error messages when rebooting but can you do it on here?

  KRONOS the First 15:23 06 Aug 2012

When your PC BSOD's you will get an error message and a Stop number,something like 0x??????? now it would help to post that.Now it might be that your PC is immediately rebooting after a BSOD to stop that so you can note the error message and the Stop number, do this: Go to control panel >> system and security >> system >> advanced system settings >> startup and recovery settings >> untick 'auto restart box.' Also if you are going to ask for help please answer all questions.

What is the make of your PSU?

When you fitted your CPU on to the Z68 mobo did you remember the thermal paste,daft question but it has been known to be missed.

What sort of heat-sink are you you using is it the one that came with the 2500K CPU?

What type of case have you does it have any fans at the top?

  Tomfri2 16:54 06 Aug 2012

Tech info

Stop: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000,0xFFFFFA8007c58028,0x00000000000BE0000000000,0x0000000000000800400)

Thats all code I got

I dont know what make my PSU us right at the minute, and I cant check as i play online poker for living and in a tourny.

Thermal PAste fine, when checking temp on cpu and mb after shutdown its all normal, using heatsink that came with it, and case doesnt have fans, just one which doesnt work

hope thats helps, I appreciate your help thanks!!!

  KRONOS the First 18:33 06 Aug 2012

Taking the side of the case off to look at the PSU will not stop you using your PC.

For a start you don't really have enough cooling as you have not mentioned what your case is it is difficult to suggest what you can do to improve the situation except to say replace the fan that does not work as I suspect that it is the one at the back and is an exhaust fan which draws heat out of the PC.

I think you have a heat issue and possibly a power issue: there is a bit here. Click here.

I would like to know what case you have if possible, it might be that you only have a generic case and what PSU?

  Tomfri2 00:19 07 Aug 2012

I cant check what my psu is whilst playing poker, I cant leave my computer for that long, the only cooling I have in my tower is my processor fan, there is a fan at the back that I had plugged into a molex cable but it did not work, or doesnt work for some reason, talking about my case, I dont know how I could find the model for you, I bought it a good 4-5 years ago, just a standard ATX case

  KRONOS the First 10:01 07 Aug 2012

Bit confused as you are not leaving your PC to look at the PSU as all it takes is to remove the side, absolutely no need to turn the PC off. But as I doubt you are playing poker 24/7 whenever you have the time.

But a case upgrade would be worth considering, preferably one with a bit more cooling and I would also suggest a PSU upgrade whist your at it.

  Tomfri2 10:40 07 Aug 2012

Well thats what im thinking of getting a new psu, didnt think about getting case really, ill check my psu in two mins, and tell you what make it is

  Tomfri2 15:05 07 Aug 2012

I cant see brand on it tbh mate, its 650w that all it says, whats your advice?

  KRONOS the First 15:43 07 Aug 2012

Must be a cheapo,

As an upgrade something like this: Ebuyer or Scan.

Case,something like this: Antec. Add a couple of front 120mm cooling fans and you are good to go.

This is just a quick look about as I do not know your budget if any. But it gives you some idea.I am surprised when you bought the excellent mobo and chip that you did not think that a half decent case would also be a good upgrade.

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