Is COD -World at War the most buggy game yet?

  SANAP 11:58 01 Jan 2009

I got this game for xmas, arrived late but may as well have never turned up. It just will not run. It will load ok but when asked to run makes an effort, black screen then desktop. You try again and it says last game did not close fully run in safe mode, you say yes, it changes resolution black screen etc. I have tried everything, re-installed it, loaded a patch, started in lowest resolution, updated drivers, plugged in a mic, reduced acceleration. It is so close to running I am hoping there is one last tweak. I cheked on game site if PC was up to it, passed with flying colours. Its a dell 9150 win xp pro, 4mb ram, ati 4800 series, creative audigy 2 zs. First time ever game has not run. Help!! desperate

  mrwoowoo 20:08 01 Jan 2009

Ok,two possible solutions.
Just Alt+Tab out of the black screen to switch to a new screen. Afterwards, Alt+Tab back into it, then hit Esc. The main intro should start right up. This works with Vista although xp should be no different.

Assuming you have installed Call of Duty World at War in it’s default installation directory :
Navigate to C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\main\video and delete “Treyarch.bik”. This video file has been causing lots of problems.

  SANAP 21:37 01 Jan 2009

thnaks for the tips, tried both and no luck. pc is dec 06, now read sound card has to be direct x 9 compatible!! Getting tired.

happy new year


  egapup 21:58 01 Jan 2009

There is an issue with one of the vid files, do a goggle search to find which one and delete it. I did and the multiplayer starts up fine, the solo player stills takes an age but mine does eventually start up after watching a black screen for about 10 minutes.

  SANAP 12:40 02 Jan 2009

I may not have explained myself correctly, I get black screen twice and then it crashes to the desktop ie it stops loading. tried all the tweaks.


  mrwoowoo 19:52 02 Jan 2009

Make sure that you have all other software shut down.Especially anti virus software.
Found a fix that worked for someone on a forum.
Here's the text extract.

Have you tried making sure the sound quality is at 48000hz and not above
because that can cause the game to crash if using onboard sound,you may even want to try it lower than that even.
cheers had tried everything under sun to no avail but your fix worked

had to do it for speakers and headset

now onwards and upwards under my own name on my own comp

  SANAP 20:31 02 Jan 2009

I have a soundblaster soundcard and have reduced the accelerator to basic. I dont think I can access anything to change to 48000hz. I have a security packkage from mcafee running continously and not even sure how to shut it down but will give it ago.

Thanks for replies.


  mrwoowoo 23:35 02 Jan 2009

In your sound card settings it may be in the speakers > default format tab.

  mrwoowoo 02:40 05 Jan 2009

Just tried to play it.
Opens fine.But when i click on solo game then difficulty setting the screen just stays there not doing anything.

  mrwoowoo 00:19 09 Jan 2009

Got it to play by being disconnecting from the internet first.
Just unplugged my router,started the game and away it went.
No multiplayer.But at least i can play it.(O:!
I wonder if i could plugin once the game is going?

  Rich L 06:41 21 Jan 2009

let me tell you my story. bought this game a couple months past and game would not run on pc. sold the game on ebay. updated my pc and checked it out on the "can you run it' site and pc passed to run the game. bought the game again, installed it. same thing happened as you guys. got on line with activision, updated new drivers, wrote to i dont know how many forums and was about to put this game and pc up on ebay and go to xbox. yesterday i started it and when it got to the black screen, i went and watched tv. went and checked on it and it was on. took 10 min to load and another 10 min to load solo mission. would have been nice if they would have put a graf on it so you could tell if it was loading. every time i play game now i just start it and then sit back and waaaaaait. also takes long time between missions too. once the game is loaded, it is a pretty good game. hope this helps you out. Rich

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