COD WAW PC online running slow

  Chrissib 12:58 21 Jun 2009

Hi, I have a reasonable spec machine, but when I play this game on line, it runs slow. By the time I take aim, i'm already dead. This is very frustrating. I have turned all the graphics settings to low, taken out all enhancements, but this has made no difference. My connection appears to be good, measured at approximately 2.5 MB speed, through a Netgear router. I understand the relevance of the ping value, but can someone explain if a low value is good for me or the server, as I do tend to get thrown out of a lot of servers.

  mrwoowoo 15:17 21 Jun 2009

If the game runs ok offline then it's almost certainly your high ping.
When you look at a server you should the ping value there.
The lower the ping the better as this is how many miliseconds it takes for the server to respond.
Choose one with a low ping.
On Quake 4 i choose ones lower than 150 although you could go a little higher(trial and error).
About 45 would be superb but not many off those.

  mrwoowoo 15:25 21 Jun 2009

Uk servers should be better to play as they are closer.
US and south American ones will be slower due to the distances involved.

  Chrissib 11:49 22 Jun 2009

ok, I didn't think it would be a factor, but the game does run a little slow offline as well. I guess this has something to do with my screen card being a bit below standard. However I thought by taking out all the enhancements it would improve.

  Bob The Blob 13:37 22 Jun 2009

What graphics card do you have?

  Chrissib 16:06 22 Jun 2009

Activision said I need 256K memory, so I bought the following.

read from DXdiag
Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
Display Memory: 256.0 MB

  Bob The Blob 20:35 22 Jun 2009

Your graphics card is the problem. It's nowhere near powerful enough to run the vast majority of games.
Call of Duty needs at a minimum:
Graphics: Shader 3.0 or better, 256MB Nvidia GeForce 6600GT/ATI Radeon 1600XT or better

Have a look at it's performance compared to the 6600GT click here

  Chrissib 16:53 23 Jun 2009

but the link is showing comparisons between 128Mb cards. My one is a 256Mb.

I'm not very good at this. The minimum requirements according to Activision were 256Mb, and mine is a 256Mb. Are you saying this is not good enough.

****ing company... absolutely no help whatsoever. Wasted my money.

  Bob The Blob 17:14 23 Jun 2009

That was just a general link, as is this one click here and remember this was from over 3 years ago.
The 6200 won't run anything these days and the 6600gt although a good card in it's day isn't really capable either any more. Graphics cards move on, we've had the 6 series, the 7 series, the 8 series, the 9 series and we're now in the next generation of graphics cards.
You'd be better upgrading your graphics card to AT LEAST an 8800GT.

  Chrissib 21:14 06 Jul 2009

OK, I realise that I may need an upgrade.... For ease I would like to keep it Nvidia, and try to get something a little bit future proof. There seems to be so many different specs...
Can anyone suggest a good level card for around £50. Maybe a selection or choice of what's good to run games like CODWAw... I have a birthday coming up...

  UK Sub 23:59 06 Jul 2009

Im in the same boat as you, time to upgrade (but no birthday coming up)

I have been looking at
click here
a big card (must see if I have room in the case and will probably need a PSU upgrade as well)

click here
(same as above)

click here
might get away with this with out a PSU upgrade.

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