CoD Modern Warfare2 for PC

  TopCat® 17:42 29 Oct 2009

Just for info I've had a good hunt around to pre-order this game, which is due out next month, and came across Their price is £24.99 with free delivery, which is much less than I could find elsewhere.

Never heard of them before but a check on Google gives them a very good rating. Has anyone here used this company? TC.

  Kevscar1 19:13 29 Oct 2009 just done a search throught their site and I cannot find their postal address anywhere.
This is illegal for a UK based company so I would definitly not use them.

Companies House Search
only gives one result for a company disolved 5/5/09

  wags 19:31 29 Oct 2009

The game is not going to be worth half that for the PC. I cancelled my pre-order now it is clear that Infinity Ward have mucked up the multiplayer game and there will be no support for dedicated servers. All my COD clan members have also cancelled and all the other clans I know have so too. Dedicated servers have been replaced with a match-making system run by IW and Steam which shows that this is a lazy port of the console version. This has killed the game for clans who run their own servers. It also means no mods or free content. IW will be charging for downloadable content.

There is an online petition (it won't achieve anything, but shows the bad feeling.It was at 3700 when I signed and is now at 169198! click here

Just google 'MW2 and dedicated servers' and you will see what an outcry there has been with PC gamers. We are all looking forward to BF: Bad Company 2 instead, where full support for PC gamers and dedicated servers are promised by DICE.

  Rigga 22:49 29 Oct 2009

Agree with wags, have cancelled my pre-order. Based on the no dedicated servers enforcement by IW.

They have ruined a brilliant franchise, but I guess PC gamers are nothing compared to the console "generation" gamers.

It's a pity IW have forgotten the very people (PC Gamers) that made them who they are today.

I'll continue to play COD4 multiplayer until the community moves on... then who knows..

A very disappointed and sad. R.

  TopCat® 00:44 30 Oct 2009

I haven't ever played games online but nevertheless I am sorry for your concerns about CoD WF2. I hope IW see some sense and get things back to normal. The game will have single player mode I trust?


Could be the company is now registered abroad. Everything else on their website seems to be valid and I can find no complaints about them. There is a London contact number given along with a GB Vat number and email address. I'll see what happens and post it here next month. They send the goods by recorded delivery so hopefully this way will escape the postal strikes of November, if any. TC.

  gengiscant 10:13 30 Oct 2009

They are a Danish company and I have had no problems with them.I usually find the games I want are cheaper from them and have COD2 and Borderlands on preorder.

  TopCat® 12:09 30 Oct 2009

Your comments are most reassuring and I thank you for posting them here. TC.

  Kevscar1 13:06 31 Oct 2009


If they have a London Phone no that would indicate a UK office. By law they must display that address.

Are their packages sent from Holland or the UK. If UK then again they must have premises here so are breaking the law.

  gengiscant 14:43 31 Oct 2009

They have a UK address, its 119 Beddington lane,Croydon.
click here

  OTT_Buzzard 16:01 31 Oct 2009

I'm not sure where you found coolshop, but here's some alternative places to buy for sub £30. I've not used any of the companies.

click here

  wags 22:31 31 Oct 2009

Wait a few months and it will probably be in the bargain basket at Game etc!

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