Buying a game abroad - Will it work in English?

  missmascara 23:26 20 May 2009


I live in Spain and I'm going to buy The Sims 3 when it comes out. One thing before I buy - if I buy it here will the game give me a language option menu when I install or will the game be totally in Spanish?

  Si_L 23:46 20 May 2009

I would be surprised if it didn't.

  Si_L 23:47 20 May 2009

If you can't there are registry fixes for it: click here

Thats for the Sims 2

  missmascara 09:56 21 May 2009

I guess it will as most games by EA have language options. I bought Spore over here and it had the language choice list so I don't see why TS3 would be any different.


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