Burnout for PC,finally

  iqs 19:35 05 Feb 2009

I hear Burnout is released Friday for the PC.Having the previous versions for the PS2,I have been waiting for ages for its PC debut ,so is it worth buying????

  brundle 20:33 05 Feb 2009

Thanks for the heads-up, get the demo click here (3gb!) and decide for yourself. The PS2 games have been superb, I hope the PC version is as good...

  iqs 20:38 05 Feb 2009

thanks for the link,didn't think to check for a demo.Will buy it tomorrow anyone,I miss playing burnout.Might dig out the PS2 and relive some memories

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:33 06 Feb 2009

and finally bought a PS3 before Christmas and picked up Burnout Paradise last week for £15, and it's excellent, more freeform than the ps2 titles, you can just cruise around the massive map rather than specific courses, a bit like GTA without the walking!
If this is the same version for the PC then I'd recommend it.

  Si_L 13:45 06 Feb 2009

I can't wait to play this, but I think I'll wait until it drops in price a bit. I'm downloading the demo but its taking ages!

  Si_L 15:19 06 Feb 2009

Will it be able to handle USB controllers and also 2 player split screen?

  07patty 17:42 06 Feb 2009

I know that the PC Version will be able to handle USB Controllers; although I'm not sure which ones will be supported.

And sorry I'm not sure about the split screen, but if I have any news i'll repost!

Can't wait for this game! Pre-ordered from Amazon, should arrive soon, hopefully it won't get stuck in the 13 inches of snow we had!

  Si_L 19:04 06 Feb 2009

Ah well I did some more googling and it turns out it won't have offline split screen, the reason being that its a 'bit to PS2ish'. Count me out then.

  iqs 20:50 06 Feb 2009

went to game this morning to purchase burnout,their web site stated it was out today and for sale online,but the staff said it was not being released for the PC.The snow must have affected them so how.
Will try again tomorrow.

  iqs 17:17 10 Feb 2009

Downloaded the demo,not impressed.

I have a BFG 8800GT 512 OC,with all the graphic options set to the highest settings ,and playing on a 22" wide-screen monitor,the graphics are a bit of a let down,in my opinion.

Looks OK,plays well but something is missing,apart from the graphics
I'm glad I didn't buy it.

What are your opinions now you have played Burnout.

  Si_L 01:22 11 Feb 2009

Tried the demo, and I was impressed, although like you said iqs, graphics weren't outstanding. But it gave me a taste for Burnout again so I decided to buy Burnout 3: Takedown for PS2 which has split screen multiplayer.

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