Building my first true gaming PC this year

  kurozaiaku 00:45 07 May 2014

I dont exactly have a lot of money in fact my income is pretty limited, however I've calculated that after all my expenses are paid off, I can save between £50-60 every fortnight.

I have training as a computer engineer, so building a PC isn't a problem for me, however I haven't been able to keep up with the times until recently. I would appreciate help in getting a comprehensive list of parts that will function together, I intend to run a windows 7 operating system, I don't care about which is better, I'm comfortable with that one.

My requirements for the build are at the least; 4 ghz cpu, quadcore I think 2 gb graphics card, preferably with necessary software 8/16 gb ram, I have my eyes on the Crucial Ballistix Sport for these, 1tb Harddrive, maybe a second one at a later date, A strong wireless connection, (by necessity unfortunately)

I've hunted around and seen builds that could follow these specifications at roughly £500, but since I'll be buying it in pieces and building it myself, the end value isn't too much of a concern, but I'd like to get this done within the year, even if the parts have to sit in their boxes and wait while I collect the rest.

Could some-one recommend me a list of good parts and what order I should purchase them in? I would like to find a decent case as well and recommendations for how to get a good cooling system installed into it. I'm not entirely comfortable with installing a liquid cooling system but I don't intend to overclock. I simply want a passable PC that I can play modern games with and upgrade as necessity demands.

My other main concern is the Power Supply. During my training as a PC Engineer, I accidentally blew a power supply by placing it on the wrong setting before plugging it in. So I'm a little paranoid about doing it again, I need a Power Supply compatible for use in the UK.

  kurozaiaku 18:46 07 May 2014

£413.80 total? in 168 days I could save up to £600 average, you've actually put it quite comfortably within the budget I'd been working out in my head.

  kurozaiaku 18:47 07 May 2014

Oh sorry read the wrong total, still, it's lower than I expected, but the specs dont fully come up to what I was hoping for,

  kurozaiaku 18:53 07 May 2014

also if I push seriously for it, I could save up to £720

  kurozaiaku 19:29 07 May 2014

Well as I mentioned in my first post, the budget isn't entirely an issue but my goal is to have it built this year, so if it takes a little longer and a little more money, I'm okay with it. And yes I need an operating system included in the overall price.

I'll have a look like you said though. The appearance of the case isn't so important to me as if it can hold what I need. I have a pretty large desk space to work with and a safe corner to place the computer where it wont get knocked over.

  kurozaiaku 19:40 07 May 2014

click here I'm drawn to this one, if you think it's agreeable?

  kurozaiaku 20:40 07 May 2014

click here This one from Overclockers would suit my taste if we're going for a little "bling", xD

What matters for me is there's enough space and it has function/good airflow for any cooling fans, I'm not too fussy really. I usually skip the spinning rims in favor of making sure it works honestly, but if you've got a recommendation you think will work then by all means throw it at me, bells and whistles included if that's the case lol.

  kurozaiaku 20:46 07 May 2014
  kurozaiaku 20:47 07 May 2014

wow that last post messed up o_o

  kurozaiaku 14:51 08 May 2014

That first link came up empty

  kurozaiaku 19:17 08 May 2014

Hm 64 bit Windows 7? Can you give me a general idea of the differences between 32 and 64?

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