Building a gaming pc for £800

  Dawkz123 00:50 01 Jun 2013

Hi, I have £800 to spend building a gaming pc.

What components should I get?

Already decided on an Intel 3570 i5, but not sure about motherboard, gpu etc . Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, John

  Chronos the 2nd 13:09 01 Jun 2013

Are you looking for a big case or a smaller case.This makes a difference to the size of your motherboard.I used to be a big case guy but these days I have downsized to a Silverstone FT03 for my gaming build, a Bitfenix Prodigy 1 and finished, for my HTPC/spare and a Cooler Master Elite 120.

The Ft03 takes a M-ATX motherboard, which I think is the smallest you should be looking at, the other two are even smaller as they are take M-ITX motherboards. So have a look for a case then come back here with details, but just because a case looks good does not mean it is, you have to consider cooling, airflow, cable management. So pick a few and we can help you get a decent one.

Graphics card: I would suggest a GTX 670. PSU: A decent modular of 650-700W will be plenty.

I would have a smallish SSD (128GB)for your operating system and programs with perhaps a couple of 1TB sata HDD's for your games on one and music documents videos ETC on the other.

A decent cooler for your Intel 3570 i5, a Corsair H60.

Do you need a monitor keyboard and mouse with this build?

  Dawkz123 13:44 01 Jun 2013

Thanks, size isn't really an issue. I've looked around a bit more, and thinks I'm going to get this case - - Or maybe the z11; haven't really decided...

I like the idea of the GTX 670, or 660Ti or something. I've been recomended a 750W 80+ bronze certified PSU


Also, is this motherboard ok?

And this CPU cooler:

And no, I don't need a monitor, and am not really bothered about a gaming keyboard either. In a few weeks I might invest in a decent mouse though...

The last thing is how much memory to get. Will 8Gb be enough? Or do you recommend 16gb?

Thanks for all the help!


  Chronos the 2nd 16:58 01 Jun 2013

Case is your choice so whatever you select will be OK as far as cooling and airflow are concerned. The only thing with a windowed case and few parts inside the case looks empty. I know I have been there. But as I said your choice.

The corsair PSU is fine except I would have gone for a modular PSU that way you do not have a lot of cables you do not need cluttering up the case.

This one, 600W Or this one,750W.

I would definitely go for the GTX 670 as opposed to the 660Ti, compare. Great GPU's will handle any game you through at it at high or ultra settings. I am gaming on a Dell U2712 monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and the 670 perfect.

As for RAM 8GB is more than enough, unless you are running a bunch of virtual machine then you will never need 16GB.

As for you cooler, I have had one of these in the past but I now have the H60 and feel it does a far better job of keeping my i5 2500K overclocked to 4.5Ghz cool.

Your motherboard is fine I am a great fan of Asus motherboards. Good build quality.

  Dawkz123 23:50 01 Jun 2013

Cheers man you've been a great help!

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