Black Ops

  egapup 10:09 16 Nov 2010

Really looked forward to this game but im slightly disappointed especially with the multiplayer side of it, it lags badly and a few of us are sure there's cheats or hackers in there already, when you empty a mag into someone and they dont die then turn and kill you with a couple of shots without aiming then there is something wrong somewhere.

  donki 11:39 16 Nov 2010

I noticed some lag on the Tuesday and Wednesday but have to say it seems to be occuring less and less. I have to say I quite like it but am yet undecided if I prefer it over MW2, I have to get to know the maps better in wultiplayer. Yes there are definitely hackers already which I find really sad, they are easy to find and download on line and they always seem to be able to bypass the Steam anti cheating monitor.

Im loving the single player to, there is so much work goes into the Call of Duty games script and story wise. Loving the acting voices too.

  egapup 16:43 16 Nov 2010

I was hoping Black Ops would be better then MW2 but I dont think it is, I reckon they rushed it out for Christmas before they really finished testing it and Steam ought to get it's act togather about the cheaters, they totally spoil the game.

  donki 17:03 16 Nov 2010

I totally agree with the cheater and it is so obvious who is doing it. Steam say they have an anti cheating system built in but the hack developers seem to be one step ahead of them each time, it got so bad on MW2 I stopped playing it online. Its an easy enough to get the hack I just dont see the point in doing so.

  IClaudio 21:35 17 Nov 2010

When I play, everything is pretty smooth until I round a corner and meet an nme, then everything just stops for me, and I can only stand and wait while he kills me :(

I've gone back to MoH, which has had bad press, but I'm really enjoying it, it's a much better experience than BO

  OTT_B 21:54 17 Nov 2010

I've been playing MW2 for the last year or so since its release, and am getting more and more annoyed by the hackers.

But, from what I've heard, BO has dedicated servers. Doesn't that give any opportunity for admin to kick hackers out?

I really want to get BO, but if the hack situation hasn't been improved then why bother!?

  egapup 10:28 18 Nov 2010

Is the cheating as bad on XBox??

  OTT_B 20:26 18 Nov 2010

Did I really say that I wanted to get BO?

Good question about Xbox.

  egapup 17:14 21 Nov 2010

My daughters boyfriend says it's just as bad on XBox.

  IClaudio 18:49 26 Nov 2010

Just logged on today, and for some reason, it's much more playable (I even got a few kills, nice )

  AllThumbs 13:36 23 Feb 2011

I'm not terribly keen on BOps, but I play in a clan and it's what we're playing at the moment.

There are undoubtably hackers/cheats out there playing the game. Best advice is to find a few servers that are well run, ie have some admin who are usually around. Hackers are not the brightest of sparks (or they wouldn't need to cheat to play a game) and they're often spotted quickly. If they're really dumb they stay to the end of a game to get their points, by which time an admin will have got their details and passed them on. They'll also get banned from that server.

This is not to say you should go on a server and then start accusing anyone who shoots you of cheating. Firstly you may be accusing someone who pays for the server / is an untagged clan member or is a known player. This is a really good way to end up banned yourself.

Also, if you find you're needing to empty a clip into someone to kill them, you may be playing on a softcore server. Look for hardcore.

My only other advice is to look for quiet servers. Most of the maps are pretty small and the game can be much more fun if it's not all spawn die spawn die etc.

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