Marko797 23:23 12 Jun 2008

Anyone playing/played this? What a spooky game.

  mrwoowoo 23:30 12 Jun 2008

Surprised no ones mentioned it.
One of the best games iv'e played.Love all the different plasmids and weapons.Also the humour, as in when you electricute an enemy and while they do the frazzle dance you finish them with your shotgun etc.(O:!
Love the creepy cutscene when you harvest a child.
May play it again at some point.

  Marko797 23:35 12 Jun 2008

I'm playing it at the moment, but makes the hairs on my arms stand up at times as it's so spooky/creepy...sad I know. It's a good game and the grafs are superb (maybe down to my new 3850). Just got my inferno and telepathy plasmids, so am not so far into it yet. Enjoyable but weird!

  Marko797 08:51 13 Jun 2008

that should read telekenesis plasmid, the one from the dental place..

  Esc4p3 15:11 13 Jun 2008

Best game I've played since Max Payne 2 - really loved it and one of the few games I actually finished. Creeps you out when those spider splicers creep up behind you and laugh (sound comes out of the speakers behind you).

As an aside a friend of mine is into home cinema - he has a £5k projector showing a 92" diagonal screen and he can put his xbox 360 through it. It looks awesome then!!

  Esc4p3 15:12 13 Jun 2008

Meant to say...... Bioshock on a 92" screen, yikes!

  Si_L 15:34 13 Jun 2008

The plasmid upgrades are amazing, the most useful being the one which can confuse the bosses and then you can wipe them out.

I never had time to finish this, but I will go back to the start and play it on hardest mode.

  mrwoowoo 17:07 13 Jun 2008

I loved the traps that shot the splicers up into the air (O:!
Can't recall their name though.

  Scorpion Bay 23:20 13 Jun 2008

Wasn't that something to do with a whirlwind? Never used that particular one myself.

I was distinctly underwhelmed by the whole game; I liked the fact that you couls play through it using only guns, or hardly any guns, but there was something about it that didn't sit right. Maybe it was the total lack of penalties for dying, or the wishy-washy ending, it just didn't really work for me. Still an enjoyable romp though.

Here's hoping that Bioshock 2 (rumoured to be set before Rapture went belly up) fixes some of those things.

  Marko797 16:06 14 Jun 2008

how to kill these Daddies? I'm at the wharf and trying to harvest, but having trouble with its Daddy.

  citadel 16:31 14 Jun 2008

to kill daddies you need to hack turrets first, the cannon ones are best, plus lay mines and get the daddy to chase you into their path. rockets are good to finish him off.
I did not use the chambers to re-generate as it makes the game too easy. you gain health but the daddy still has the damage you inflicted.

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