Best site which sells PC downloads & keys?

  FrankieC2 12:08 24 Mar 2017

Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone can recommend a site which sells PC downloads & keys, which are cheaper than steam?

I've seen - click here - but I was wondering if there were any other sites people buy from?



  Devil Fish 00:20 26 Mar 2017

Amazon always worth checking they have some good deals going from time to time got the mafia 3 key off them and it was £10 quid less than steam were asking for same product.only downside with it is you cant pre download as keys are only active on release date

  Menzie 02:30 26 Mar 2017

I use CD Keys sometimes as they offer cheaper prices especially on new PC releases. Only downside is no refunds as you get with Steam.

A site I find invaluable for cheaper gaming is Cheap Shark, they have all the sales and discounts across quite a few online retailers happening now. They also allow you to have alerts emailed to you when games dip to a desired price. This of course requires playing the waiting game so if playing the latest and greatest is a must it isn't for you.

  cainwaliski 12:15 18 Jul 2017

i found one for pixel gun 3d : take a look here

  Old Deuteronomy 15:39 18 Jul 2017

Be careful looking for sites selling cheap game downloads and keys. There are a lot of dodgy, or just plain illegal sites that will leave out of pocket with nothing to show for it. Always a good idea to check the Steam sales, discounts are often substantial.

  Menzie 17:28 19 Jul 2017

CD Keys has been good for me but always go with more reputable sites as going with an unbelievably cheap site can leave you out of pocket.

In some cases accounts can be banned because of dodgy keys if gotten from a bad source.

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