Best gaming laptop for World Of Warcraft etc.

  Baskerville 13:32 11 Nov 2010

My son wants to play WOW and perhaps other games at a later date, does anyone have experience of a good gaming machine (laptop) that can handle these sort of games and more to the point does not cost more than £500 ? and things being a bit tight these days can a machine be bought on a monthly pay as you go plan ? I usually go for Medion machines from Aldi but I'm unsure what will come in the store around Xmas time.

I have a laptop but when my lad tried to run WOW it said that my computer was unable to run the game, hence the need to have a better spec.

This computer is for my lad who has Aspergers syndrome (Autism) he gets a lot of pleasure playing games and it helps him with his dexterity.
I understand that WOW needs a good graphics card to run the game, and that there is a monthly fee for playing WOW,

Many thanks for any help,


  GaT7 15:29 11 Nov 2010

Getting good graphics card (GPU) on a laptop while keeping the cost down is usually very difficult. Fortunately WoW needs only reasonable graphics capability to run OK click here. And hopefully he will not progress to more demanding games too quickly, as laptop GPUs are usually not upgradable at all.

Start by looking at this benchmark list of laptops graphics with respect to games click here, you'll find WoW (2005) 4th from extreme right. A NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M will allow one to play at high/max settings with an adequate frame rate (fps). Any GPU below that & he'll able to play at medium-low settings only. If you click on the GT 330M link there (or click here), you'll get a list of laptops towards the bottom that has this particular GPU pre-installed (always confirm this with the laptop you will be actually buying).

If all the GT 330M laptops prove too expensive, go for a lower GPU in the above benchmark list & so on till you're able to find one that matches your budget. Avoid the GPUs with 'Quadro FX/NVS' & 'FireGL ' in the name. These may be suitable to some extent but also likely to be very expensive.

If I'm able to find any suitable laptops that one can purchase at the moment, I'll return to post them here. You can also post any that you find & we'll tell you if they will be suitable or not. G

  Baskerville 22:47 11 Nov 2010


Many thanks for the reply, it's a little late and I've only just got this, thanks and I will work through your input, if you do see anything I appreciate you looking.

Many thanks,


  Forum Editor 23:38 11 Nov 2010

there's bound to be someone there who can offer some additional advice.

Mind you, Crossbow's response looks pretty good to me.

  gengiscant 12:34 12 Nov 2010

Useful link to the laptop graphics benchmark.

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